Boston Terrier skin issues natural relief

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Boston terrier skin issues

Boston Terrier skin issues natural relief

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bostons skin issues

“Good afternoon,

I have tried everything, I don’t know how or why it works……… just does.

My Boston Terrier Thea has been so unhappy for months now. We have tried antibiotics, lotions, creams, betadine, food changes (I feel like I have stock in food brands) and BenadrylNothing worked! It got to the point that she would run from creams, hide from bathes and refuse food.

boston terrier allergies around eyes

She was miserable itching. I saw your product on Facebook and saved the link. I finally decided that I had to try Dermacton. I bought the Dermacton shampoo, the cream and the spray.

boston terrier hot spots

boston hair loss

3-days later a dramatic improvement! The healing was amazing, the smell is amazing and most importantly my Thea is happier. You can actually tell that she is no longer miserable. I give her a bath once a week with the bar and use the cream if needed in between.

Dermacton itchy dog cream

I have started sharing on Facebook with people who are having issues with their pets.

Bostons skin issues

Thanks to Dermacton, we have happy dog and owner.

You can tell by the amount of photos how happy I am.

brown boston terrier

Thank you so much for this great product.”

Dawn Sebert
Butler WI

We couldn’t resist sharing all the photos of Thea & we are so happy they found Dermacton products, all have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee  

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