Boston Terrier Hives rashes yeast overgrowth – natural treatment results

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boston terrier yeast overgrowth

Boston Terrier Hives rashes yeast overgrowth – natural treatment results

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boston terrier yeast overgrowth

“Labron, is 5 year old Boston terrier. He has had skin problems for the last 4 years. I always have taken him to his veterinarian to be out on steroids, over and over again. I have changed his diet numerous times thinking maybe he was sensitive to some ingredients on his food. Once a week he breaks out terribly and his skin becomes raw and he itches constantly. I give him frequent baths with shampoo I purchased from his vet but it hardly works.

before Dermacton

He has yeast over growth, and a staph infection that creates his irritation and itching. I researched the skin problem and turns out Boston terriers are prone to this kind of infection and skin irritations. I came across Dermacton as I researched what I could do for him. Once I received the Dermacton spray I bathed him and once he was dry I sprayed the  his belly and under his front legs which were always the problem areas. In 4 to 5 days his skin had improved as shown “

Update: I noticed it’s something I should use more frequently because right now he is going through another break out. It really is a wonderful product. 

boston terrier dermacton

Courtney Mclaughlin
Cariobou ME

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