Bichon Frise fighting Summer Allergies – Itching & Scratching

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Bichon Frise fighting Summer Allergies – Itching & Scratching

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I just wanted to share my story with you. My bichon frise Cora has very sensitive skin and she always has allergy in the summer time. And she makes it even worse by biting and scratching herself nonstop. I am glad I found your product, because Dermacton is the only product that worked magic on her. It acts very fast, calms down her hot and itchy skin right away, so she can actually sleep peacefully and after about a couple of weeks of using Dermacton she was all clear from the itchy pimples. Fantastic! (We have been using Dermacton spray for over two years now; I recommend it to everyone, whose pets are suffering from allergies, bites, scratches and hot spots. They will love it!)

Thank you for your great products and for helping us and our pets!

Victoria R.
Los Angeles, CA

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