Beagle Mix with Skin Infection with Hair Loss and Itching

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Beagle skin infection

Beagle Mix with Skin Infection with Hair Loss and Itching

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Beagle skin infectionBeagle skin infection, hair loss, itching – not responding to anti-biotics

“Hi. I can’t believe how amazing the Dermacton spray for dogs and the bar soap is. My son bought someone’s beagle mix and brought it (Brownie is her name) home to me bc it had a horrible skin infection. It was so bad a lot of the hair on her back had fallen out. I bathed her every night with the Dermacton bar soap and put the Dermacton spray on her a few times a day. It stopped her itch, and when I tell you I couldn’t believe my eyes. In less then 2 wks her fur had grown back and her back was completely healed. I have been telling everyone about your product. I have never seen anything like it. The full size picture (which is the last one) is the one of her healed. I hope you can see the amazing difference. Brownie had been on an antibiotic when they got her at the end of it and it did nothing that’s why I was so worried we wouldn’t be able to clear her skin up. I found your website and was worried your pictures were to good to be true, but I had her for a the first few wks and gave her a bath every night with the soap and put the spray on her a couple times a day and I couldn’t believe the change.

Thank you,”

Shawna McGuire
Caledonia, NY


Shawna used the following products for Brownie:

Dermacton SprayDermacton shampoo bar

Beagles are a sturdy working breed of dogs and do not appear to be as prone to severe rashes and skin allergies as some other breeds of dogs. Here are a couple more reviews involving beagles and beagle crosses. If you have a beagle belly rash, sore skin, hair loss, hives, skin infection, etc try risk free Dermacton like these happy dogs and owners:

Beagle belly rash treatment 6yrs of skin allergies


“I’ll give the product a 5 star rating!”

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