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natural treatment yeast allergies dogs

Dog yeast infection environmental allergies treatment

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dog yeast infection

“Shiloh is an 8 yr old Shorkie. He has environmental allergies and a terrible yeast infection. He would lick his paws raw, they were swollen, sore and red and would scratch none stop.

chewing yeasty paws

Skin very red and losing his hair. I searched everywhere for safe products. Tried several things, but nothing worked until I found Dermacton. I wash him 2 times a week with the Dermacton Shampoo Bar and put the Dermacton cream and Ultrasalve on everyday. Within one week I could see results and by week 2 his hair was growing back and by week 7, it was almost fully grown back. So thankful I found this product. ”

dogs yeast infection treatment

Deborah C
Reunion FL

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dogs yeast infection natural products

natural treatment yeast allergies dogs

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Dermacton Spray review

Shiloh Dermacton spray review

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Dermacton spray review


We rescued Shiloh when she was about 8 weeks old. She came to us with cat and dog fleas. We noticed that she was creating bald patches from chewing and licking her paws and legs.  I have been using the Dermacton spray twice a day for 16 days. This pet mom is really happy with the results. This is a great product. It really works! 😁
Dermacton spray review

I would love another bottle of the spray. “
Thanks so much!

Crystal Carrol
Madison AL

Dermacton Spray review


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dog yeast paws

German Shepherd Faxx paw hair loss yeast relief with Dermacton & ultrasalve

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yeast dog paws treatment

ultrasalve paws


dog yeast treatment

dog paws issues

dog paws losing hair chewing

Dermacton ultrasalve

“I tried all types of creams, antibiotics, blue lotion (photos) etc but nothing worked on my pups paws. Faxx is his name and he had the issue for 4 months. I searched the web and came across dermacton /ultrasalve and was amazed with the results. I was skeptical of the testimonials but had nothing to lose so I tried. This stuff WORKS!  Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!”

Fayetteville GA

Dermacton and Ultrasalve have helped thousands of dogs worldwide get relief from skin conditions since 2004, each product comes with a 30 day guarantee. You can browse hundreds of reviews all with before and after photo’s by clicking here

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german shepherd yeast


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Correct Shipping & delivery of packages – my package has not arrived?


All packages are shipped via USPS or Fedex depending on what customers choose on check out. While we ship hundreds of packages a week and the majority arrive on time, occasionally there are hiccups with the couriers.

The best thing customers can do is check their shipping addresses very carefully when placing an order – we ship fast! Most orders are out the door the same day, so that does not give you much time to correct a miss-typed address. Watch out for Auto fill – it does some strange things like adding your DOB into your address.

Both the USPS and Fedex systems check addresses and amend them to get a match. You will receive a tracking number automatically via email the moment we create your shipping labels. So make sure you enter the correct email. 

Now you have a tracking number keep an eye on the package, so if the package shows as delivered but is not where it is supposed to be you can alert your local delivery office immediately. It is very rare we have any issues with Fedex but we send thousands more packages via USPS per year. Each priority mail order is insured – but if your package shows as delivered you CANNOT file a claim, without USPS removing the delivered notice.

Find your local delivery post office here and check they are the one that actually deliver the mail to your address:

If you contact your local delivery office immediately chances are they will locate the package for you and if it was miss-delivered and they cannot not retrieve the package you will be able to file a claim. We do not do this for customers – if the package shows as delivered we have fulfilled the order to the best of our ability.

As per our ordering page:

Lost Packages? Who is Liable?

The liability from as the seller to you (the addressee/receiver/buyer) occurs when the status of the USPS (or alternatively, FedEx) package tracking information is marked/shown as “Delivered” or “Notice Left”. Until this happens, we are fully responsible for any lost packages. Since USPS automatically insures and tracks packages up to $100.00 – we do not require delivery signature on packages that are under than that amount. If the order is over $100.00 – we may add a signature at our discretion. As for FedEx packages, FedEx automatically insures packages up to $100.00 – therefore, we declare the actual value on all FedEx orders OVER $100.00. Also, please note that FedEx packages REQUIRE a signature on all orders OVER $500.00. reserves the right, at our discretion, to add a signature to ANY package we send out.

If the package hasn’t arrived, first check the tracking number provided – as this will generally provide the information needed. On rare occasions, we have had packages take a rerouted detour and finally make a delayed appearance to the addressee without any further explanation. If you do NOT receive a tracking number (first check your spam box in the email you used to place the order), buyers should contact us to confirm that the order was shipped.

If the USPS or FedEx tracking does NOT say “Delivered” or “Notice Left”, and the buyer never received the package, as the seller is liable for issuing the refund or replacing the products.

If the tracking DOES state “Delivered” or “Notice Left”, the transaction is complete and is no longer responsible for replacing or refunding the item(s). If the buyer has not received the package, please ask your neighbors, family; the apartment manager (if applicable) and/or speak to your local post office (they may be holding the package) or FedEx carrier- if possible, speak directly to the mail carrier who delivered the package. Someone else might have accepted the parcel. If you believe your parcel was stolen, we would encourage you to file a police report and as well as a complaint with your local USPS/FedEx office.






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Horses scratches treatment

Treating Scratches in horses naturally with Aromaheel

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treating scratches in horses

“I wanted to provide a testimonial on your Aromaheel product. I relocated from Saskatewan, Canada to the Washington area in May with my OTTB gelding Bullynn. Not long after we moved he developed a small case of scratches that I tried treating in my usual manner. It wasn’t improving at all, in fact it was spreading and the scabs were getting thicker by the day. He started to experience swelling in the leg and overall tenderness and discomfort. So I began looking for a new approach.

Equine scratches treatment

Treating Equine scratches


After reading a number of reviews on Aromaheel I decided to give it a go, and placed an order. The next morning the boarding barn called me that Bullynn’s leg was swollen up to his stifle, hot to the touch and he wouldn’t move. We called the vet out on emergency and the diagnosis of cellulitis was confirmed. He started on antibiotics, cold hosing and DMSO…..the water obviously was not great for the scratches that still were raging on his leg. A few days later the Aromaheel arrived, and finally I was able to start getting the scabs under control even with twice daily cold hosing. We dried his leg after every hosing and slathered on the Aromaheel, and looked to be rounding the corner.

However, my battle with the leg wasn’t over. The DMSO blistered his leg which resulted in a secondary infection that needed antibiotic treatment twice. The perk was though that each day his scabs were finally falling off from the scratches and his skin was starting to heal! We still have two tiny lingering area that try to flair up but I apply the Aromaheel on any suspect scab and he looks great by the next day. Highly recommend this product! I wish I’d started with it first and we might have avoided the cellulitis, secondary infection, and not lost a summer of riding.

“Thank you so much!”
Melissa Driessnack

Edmonds WA

Aromaheel $29.99 for 1 comes with a 30 day guarantee if you are not seeing results within 30 days just return for a refund.

Horses scratches treatment


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belly rash pitbull

Dog skin rashes natural treatment with results

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Pitbull skin rash

“This product is amazing! These pictures are only 2 weeks apart! I gave my pup a total of 2 baths with the Dermacton soap bar so far and I have applied the Dermacton cream daily – every other day. I am so thankful to have stumbled across this product in search of helping my pups itchy red skin. It was worth every penny I paid. I will continue to use and purchase more of this product. Thank you thank you!!!! Gucci is one happy boy! :)”

Tara Kasper
Gainsville FL

Use  the search box to find dogs or skin problems similar to yours or

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Dog Tail chewing to wounds Graphic Pics

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Bella the Lab had skin problems and chewed her tail raw:

tail chewing wounds

“Here are the photos of my 3 year old charcoal lab Bella who had major skin problems and chewed her tail so raw she could not sit down without yelping. I am so thankful to have found this product, it has helped her skin so much she is like a new little pup! The first photo is the day before treatment, second photo is 4 days after, and last photo is one month of using Dermacton spray, ultrasalve, and Dermacton shampoo ”

J Rowe
Clackamas OR

dog tail chewing

Products start at just $15.99 and all have a 30 no quibble guarantee:

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westie Dermacton review

Cora the Westie has had skin allergies for years

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“My dog Cora (Westie) has allergies (to who knows what) for years. They been up and down but lately beyond terrible. She scratches and chews herself 24/7.

westie skin allergies

westie skin allergies Dermacton

I was desperate to find something that works. I been to 4 different vets and none helped her. Their medicated shampoos only irritated her more Bought bunch of creams and sprays and NOTHING was working for her.

I came across Dermacton and almost didn’t buy it. One review stated that after first bath with the soap there was an instant relief. I didn’t believe this rave but someone with Westie rescue mention the same so I decided to give it a try. Since I’m in Canada it took almost a week to get here. I ordered the soap and cream. I used the soap immediately and could not believe it – she stopped itching!! I put cream on the small area for the test. Because I did not read this properly I put it on the damaged skin. The next morning that spot wasn’t red anymore I decided for forgo the *48 hours and put the cream right away all over the damaged skin. We slept that night (and every night after) for the first night in YEARS. No scratching, no chewing, no rubbing on the steps with carpet. She must feel the cream helping her because she runs to me when I take it in my hand and she wags her tail when I put it on. We are on day 7 today and the difference is amazing. Her hairs are growing again! I always had to put p.j’s on her but not anymore! I will order more ASAP and will try the spray this time too.”

Dermacton customer review

Westie skin allergy Dermacton westie review

Maria Winiecki
Ontario CA

Dermacton review

*Please note Equinat-USA and the manufacturer always recommends the 48 hr patch test as even though Dermacton was developed for sensitive skin – dogs can have reactions to natural products and ingredients. 

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Belly rash puppy

12 week old puppy belly rash relief with natural Dermacton

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Here is my testimonial with using Dermacton cream for my new puppy Sybil (less than 36 hrs between before& after pics):

Puppy rash Dermacton

My not even three month old puppy broke out in the craziest rash a little over a week ago. She was very itchy, and scratching her stomach and armpits like crazy. She scratched her armpits so much that they were being rubbed raw and pus was beginning to come out of her wounds. I took her to the vet and they prescribed a steroid and antibiotics but of course that was just a temporary fix and the rash started coming back. A friend of mine suggested this Dermacton cream and so I gave it a try. The “before,” pictures – which was when the rash started to come back are after being on the medications. 

puppy belly rash treatment

The “after” was not even 36 hours after applying the Dermacton cream to my puppy’s skin. Take note especially at her armpit! It healed quickly with the cream and the redness and bumps went away quickly! Overall her skin is not as red or irritated. The Dermacton cream definitely helps calm her skin and itching!

Dermacton cleared rash

Thank you so much!”

Alpharetta, GA

Sybil puppy Dermacton review

Products start at $15.99 and all have a 30 day no quibble guarantee

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Boston Terrier rash

Boston Terrier rash relief natural treatment

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Harper the 1 year old Boston Terrier had been dealing with this rash for 6 – 7 months:

Boston Terrier rash

“I was desperate to clear up my Boston Terrier’s rash. Using doctor pet Google I read reviews about the Dermacton cream. What else did I have to lose?  I purchased the Dermacton Shampoo Bar ($15.99) & Dermacton skin conditioning Cream ($21.50). It really works and it smells okay also. She is 1 & we have been dealing with a rash for 6-7 months. Took her to vet and they were unable to clear it up with special soap.

Trust the testimonials, they’re honest.”

Angela F

Boston Terrier rash

All products have a 30 day no quibble guarantee. To see more Boston Terriers with rashes and skin allergies get great results with natural treatment just type Boston Terrier in the search box below.