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    Hairless dog

    Hairless dog to hairy dog in under 4 weeks

    Little Bit a 7 year old Dachshund  hairless dog to hairy dog in under 4 weeks with Dermacton cream and Dermacton spray applied once a day! 

    Hairless dog

    “I started using Dermacton on November 15, 2017, just applying once a day and as of  December 10,2017 my girl Little Bit  has all of her hair back. I have tried many different treatments to resolve her skin allergies, but dermacton has by far worked the best. The first photo was on Nov. 14 and the other was on Dec.11, Thank You so much for creating this wonderful product.”

    Thanks,  Bill Brewer
    Mabank TX

    hairless dog

    Little Bits  testimonial even surprised us! While each dog is different and we can’t guarantee your dog will respond as quickly as “Little Bit” with once daily application. Dermacton is always worth a try with the 30 day guarantee. Regardless of the cause of the dogs skin problems and losing hair – Dermacton has been the saving grace for many dogs. As you can see in our numerous customer testimonials.

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    dermacton treatments

    3 weeks of Dermacton treatments

    dermacton treatments

    “Dear Equinat-USA,

    We can’t express how happy we are to have found your product!!  Our poor dog Stevie was in terrible shape.  She was constantly itching, biting, and scratching to point of her skin being raw and bleeding as you can see in the before photos.  The instant we applied Dermacton there was an immediate change.  You could tell the itching was relieved right away and she was finally able to relax.

    Thank you again as we had tried everything at the veterinarian and nothing worked.  Your product is seriously a miracle!!!  I’ve been recommending it to everyone!  The after photos were taken 3 weeks after use but her hair had already grown back and her skin was fully healed after 2 weeks.”

    Thank you so much!
    Mirabai, Nathan, and Stevie
    Portland OR

    Dermacton treatment

    Dermacton treatment

    We are so pleased Dermacton treatments were so effective for Stevie and brought her such fast relief from itching and chewing herself. Stevie’s owners purchased 1 Dermacton spray ultrasalve combo and 1 Dermacton shampoo bar for these results.

    All Dermacton products are sold with a 30 day no quibble guarantee Dermacton works fast!


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    dog skin issues

    Dog always suffered from skin issues

    Dogs skin issues clear up with natural Dermacton:

    dog skin issues

    “My furbaby Buster has always suffered from skin issues, red inflamed skin, bald spots, itching you name it. I have tried  going to the vet but they only put him on antibiotics which doesn’t help. So I wanted to try something natural. This is a whole month review. My furbaby bald spots are almost gone. The bar soap lathers up wonderfully. The spray works wonders. I’m so glad I found this product and my furbaby skin is better. Buster said Thanks. “

    K Dean
    Lexington Park MD

    dog skin issues

    Buster found relief with Dermacton spray  which is recommended for longer haired dogs and the Dermacton shampoo bar 

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    Raw diets

    We tried raw diets, expensive foods, creams, cortisone shots

    “We have tried raw diets, expensive brands of high quality food, creams and salves enough to fill a trough, sprays, oils, tedious grooming, pills, etc and nothing would work. It was draining and exhausting and left us and I’m sure our sweet pup incredibly stressed.”Raw diets

    “I just wanted to say thank you so much for this amazing product! As you can see from the pictures, our sweet baby Vega was in terrible condition and we were at a loss. The vet had no idea what was causing it and her only reprieve was getting cortisone shots, which gave her UTI’s and has many long term side effects.

    We have tried raw diets, expensive brands of high quality food, creams and salves enough to fill a trough, sprays, oils, tedious grooming, pills, etc and nothing would work. It was draining and exhausting and left us and I’m sure our sweet pup incredibly stressed.

    I’ll be honest, I tried you guys as a last ditch effort before we were about to commit to more cortisone shots just to give her some relief.

    To my surprise Dermacton combo worked amazingly, her flaking dander stopped within two days and her mood improved DRASTICALLY, we decided that even if her coat didn’t come back we would keep getting this. Her appetite was high again, she was ready to run and play again. It was incredible.

    Because of this product we were able to isolate one of her bigger allergies (to our clothes detergent) and she is back to her prime again, even putting on weight. We love it! “

    Morgan Jacskon
    Summerville SC

    Morgan purchased and used only 1 Dermacton Ultrasalve combo for these results with Vega and chose to try a Dermacton Spray for their free product and also are going to try the Dermacton shampoo bar. We look forward to posting updates for this super sweet 12ish year old who was rescue. We are so glad she found a soft landing and Dermacton has been able to bring her some relief from her skin problems.

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    Dermacton works

    Dermacton works where other products have failed..

    Dermacton  works where other products and prescriptions have failed yet again:

    Dermacton works

    “My boyfriend and I had been looking for a healthy solution to repair our dog’s skin issues.  We had tried natural remedies and prescriptions from the Vet on Tungsten, but nothing worked to fix and heal his very damaged skin.  My boyfriend was looking online for solutions when he found your website and decided to purchase the DERMACTON cream.  We liked that it was made from natural ingredients and didn’t have harmful chemicals.  The cream arrived and it had a very nice and thick texture as well as a lovely scent that was rich with natural essential oils…we were excited to try the cream on Tungsten.

    We applied it the first night and put a protective cone on his head so he couldn’t lick the cream off and when we woke up the next morning, we were surprised to see how much his skin had calmed down – it was no longer inflamed and red. We continued to apply a small amount to his problem areas and noticed rapid improvement.  Tungsten is so much happier and more comfortable, and we are amazed at the effectiveness of this product.  We will definitely be telling others about it!  Thank you so much!”

    Pleasant Wayne & Chris
    Glendale CA

    Pleasant and Chris used 1 jar Dermacton cream at a cost of $21.50 plus shipping for these results. Dermacton works and has a 30 day no quibble guarantee!

    Dermacton works

    Check out Tungsten’s owners blog:



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    Boston terriers chronic skin problems

    Boston Terrier chronic skin problems – response to natural products

    Boston Terriers chronic skin problems respond to natural products: allergies, hair loss, itching, chewing and scratching. All natural Dermacton has helped thousands of dogs heal from chronic skin conditions. Meet Izzy the latest Boston terrier with skin problems to join our customer gallery.

    “My Boston Terrier Izzy has been dealing with seasonal / flea /environmental /food allergies that have plagued her with  sore skin, skin redness, scabbing, red bumpy skin, extreme incessant itching, and hair loss to say the least. She constantly would chew, scratch/bite and itch at her skin on a daily basis.

    I can’t even begin to say how many other products/remedies/ etc.. that I’ve tried in the past all to no avail. That is until I tried Dermacton. This product is truly a God send and nothing short of a miracle as far as I am concerned & I know that Izzy would agree. It has healed her red bumpy patchy skin, and she longer suffers from unbearable itch and hair loss.

    I never thought I’d see the day that her hair would be able to grow back! I started her on Dermacton on 06/27/2017 & not even 4 months later she is unrecognizable!”

    Boston terrier chronic skin problems

    Boston terrier chronic skin problems

    Carly Morasch
    Ridge, MD

    Carly purchased the Dermacton spray ultrasalve combo for Izzy at a cost of $37.99 + shipping. Izzy made all this recovery with this 1 single purchase!  If you are not delighted with your own dogs results we offer a no quibble money back guarantee! 



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    dog scratching raw skin

    Dog scratching raw skin gets relief with Dermacton

    Roxanne a super cute Doxie was scratching herself raw to hair loss and scabs until her Mom tried Dermacton spray.

    doxie scratching

    “Hello I wanted to say WOW! I have tried all kinds of sprays to help heal her broken out stomach. Roxanne has scratched herself to death to the point of bleeding and raw.  I was at my wits ends trying to find something to help my her, I even tried oatmeal baths other sprays that left her oily, but they didn’t work.

    Thanks to my office manager she ordered some Dermacton for her dog who had some skin issues and saw a change, the hair started to grow back and the dog stopped biting themselves so I knew I had to go order a bottle of Dermacton spray and try it myself…

    Here in first picture Roxanne was completely hairless and all those red whelps and broken skin. Wow 2 months later what a difference this has made and her hair has grown back more fuller and thick.

    Thanks so much for this product! I tell all my friends who are at their wits ends. Thanks for helping my crew! I am one very happy Momma here as my Roxanne is at ease and not scratching herself to death!

    Misty Cochran
    White GA

    Doxie scratching

    Misty purchased a Dermacton spray at $23.00 for Roxanne and chose to try Petnat Ultrasalve as her free product in return for her testimonial. If your dog is scratching itself raw, try Dermacton for yourself with a 30 day no quibble guarantee! 

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    Dermacton best product

    Dermacton is the best product dog skin problems

    Dermacton best product

    “These are 2 of my four legged children Calianna & Prospero . They have constant allergies to anything outside. So recently their flea medicine just wasn’t working so we had to change brands..but before we could do that they had itchy dry flakey skin.

    I am part of a pit group on Facebook (Atlanta Pitbull parents). Well luckily many of the people in the group were very helpful offering advice, and one lady I think it was Misty Copeland said to try Dermacton and showed me some before and after pics of her fur baby.

    Well needless to say I immediately went and ordered your product. Well they are now itch free..and the hair is coming back. I have tried many products some all natural some have natural ingredients..but Dermacton is the best product I have ever gotten for this problem. It smells wonderful they enjoy getting it sprayed on and rubbed in.

    Thank you for such an amazing brought the relief they really needed.”

    Marissa Heath-Harris.
    Cartersville GA

    Border collie skin problem Pit bull skin problem

    Marissa purchased and used a Dermacton spray $23 + shipping and chose another Free Dermacton spray in return for her testimonial.

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    Dermacton customer review: just 2 weeks of treatment

    “I tried my best to wait to submit my testimonial but because of the fast and overwhelming results I couldn’t wait a day longer to share!

    Dermacton customer review

    My Fiona has been struggling with severe allergies for the past two years; after countless vet appointments, dollars and medications that just temporally cleared up her skin, her and I were at our wits end. One late night after googling dog skin treatments, I stumbled upon your website. I was really skeptical of trying your product but after seeing all the testimonials I figured “why not?, it’s not like its going to hurt!” I ordered the Dermacton shampoo bar and the Dermacton spray and ultrasalve combo pack, it has been the best, fastest working, product I have tried! Your product has truly has saved mine and Fiona’s sanity. I can’t say THANK YOU enough for this great product!!

    Your product speaks for itself, many people have already asked what has finally worked for my Fiona, so of course I have to share with them!!

    Dermacton customer review dermacton customer review

    Thanks again.”

    Trina and Fiona

    Every now and then we receive a customer testimonial that even blows us away & we thought we had seen everything!  We so appreciate Trina taking the time to share Fiona’s recovery with us. Trina chose a free Dermacton Shampoo bar in return for her testimonial and originally purchased the following for Fiona:

    The ideal doggy skin care combo pack. Dermacton shampoo bar

    We have countless customer reviews all with photo’s that you can see by clicking here..

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    dogs redness sores itching

    Dogs redness sores itching gone in 10 days with natural Dermacton

    dog redness sores itching

    “My dog Ottis has started recently suffering from seasonal allergies, starting last summer. This year was by far worse than last year. Multiple visits to the vet which ultimately led nowhere but a large amount of money spent. I had him tested for mange twice multiple antibiotics and steroid pills and shots, nothing worked and I wasn’t okay with giving my baby any more steroids. The only answers the vet could give me was that he might have fleas (which he didn’t) or that we could test to see exactly what he was allergic to, but that still wouldn’t have solved the problem.

    Ottis has little to no fur on his belly/underneath and he itches nonstop and bites until he is raw and bleeding. I felt horrible, you could see the uncomfortable all over his face. I tried coconut oil different shampoos and lotions nothing was helping until I saw your add on Pinterest. The very first time I put the cream on him you could see the sense of relief and he just laid down and slept for hours. The itching has completely gone away but the redness and sores have gone. I am so thankful for finding your product and know that it works wonders and he no longer has to just suffer through the allergies. I would love to try the shampoo next I can only imagine how much more his condition would improve! I have already spread the word to multiple people about your products and I’m so happy to say I will forever be a customer, thank you so much! “

    dog redness sores itching


    -Melissa Costa
    Manteca, CA

    dogs redness sores itching

    Ottis recovered this much in just 10 days of Dermacton cream application – Melissa chose a Dermacton shampoo bar as a thank you for taking the time to send a review.

    Dermacton cream