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Dermacton shampoo

Genie the staffy gets off steroids with natural Dermacton

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Dermacton shampoo treatment


I wanted to share my review with you. Genie my 18month old Staffordshire bull terrier started with skin problems out of the blue. Each time she would lose hair due to excessive itching. She would also chew her paws nonstop. She had various rashes on her belly that would only respond to steroids. I knew she couldn’t continue on steroids for the long term and as soon as they were stopped, her hair fell out on her back and the rest thinned significantly.

She is a show dog so, I haven’t been able to do anything with her because of it. I was getting desperate to help her and came across dermacton. I was hesitant at first but kept looking at all the dogs with similar problems and how they improved. I figured it was worth a shot. I ordered the bar soap and spray conditioner.

I will say I love the soap and she smells so good after. The spray conditioner is a little strong smelling for me but it doesn’t bother her or my family. The smell is of citronella which I imagine would also repel bugs too. (Dermacton does not contain citronella – but some people do notice a lemony scent, from the proprietary blend of essential oils.)

The improvement in just about 3 weeks was nothing short of amazing! Her hair is growing back , she is not eating her paws anymore and she is no longer scratching her body raw. I imagine in a few more weeks she will be back to normal. I have been bathing her every 5 days since the recommendation is 1-2 times a week. She is so soft and shiny after her baths. Also, my vet was fully supportive of dermacton products when I told her what I was using. The proof is in her pictures! 

Please let me know if you need any additional pictures. I would also like to try the salve instead of receiving any refunds. I am happy with the products.”

A happy Staffy mom
Lebanon PA

Dog after Dermacton shampoo bath


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Greasy heel in horses

Chronic Greasy Heel responds in 1 treatment results

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Greasy heel horses

Miss Tilly is a 22 year old TB mare that has struggled with greasy heel her entire life. She moved home this weekend from a retirement home that she has stayed at for 6 years and her heels were in dire need of care. Two friends recommended Aromaheel, so I ordered it right away.

Product arrived within 3 days. I applied yesterday evening, then turned my mare out to pasture. It rained overnight, so when I checked her heels this morning, after rubbing a soft cloth over them, I was astonished to see the difference in just one application! Amazed and wishing this product had been around all her life, as she has always hated all previous treatment because they made her heels so sore. This is amazing and will forever be on my shelf of must haves. Thank you!

Amy Miller
Kenova, WV

AROMAHEEL is a natural equine scratches treatment, that requires NO scab picking. Effectively treat your horse for scratches, mud fever, cracked heels, rain rot, greasy heel, mud rash, rain scald and dew poisoning – with a money back guarantee!

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Greasy heel in horses

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shar pei skin help

Shar pei itchy dry skin responds to natural products

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shar pei dry skin

“I was doing research online because my poor baby was biting herself all over her arms and legs. She is a 3 year old full breed Shar pei named Doll.  Her skin tends to be really dry. I tried oatmeal soap and different creams but nothing worked.  I was looking at reviews and I came across your website and I saw one with a similar breed as mine and I decided to give it a shot. It was amazing with the first bath it definitely helped tremendously. I tell everyone who as me about you guys! I used the bar of soap and Dermacton cream.”

shar pei dry itchy skin

itchy sharpei

shar pei hair loss

shar pei skin help

Brenda Gomez,
Colorado springs

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dog allergies

Golden Retriever severe hair loss allergies – natural remedy

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retriever hair loss

My golden retriever (Dash) just turned 6. As of last year he started having terrible allergies. With this came skin that turned black with infection and loss of hair. After several visits to the vets and countless months on steroids and other meds I searched online and found this product (Spray / ultrasalve combo). He was so miserable and looked so awful I was willing to try anything. I ordered the ultrasalve and spray and never looked back! The pictures speak for themselves! The first day we started on our daily ritual of spray and salve (july 6th). The first picture is July 21st The second picture was taken august 11th. He’s better but we still have work to do! This company/product answered our prayers. Our dog is our family and I’m so happy to just see him enjoy life again.

bacteria infection

blackened skin hair loss


“Hello! Just wanted to send an update on my dogs journey. The pictures attached are from treating my dog with the Ultrasalve hot spot/wound cream over a 4 month span. We are so in love with your products. They have made my dogs life so much more comfortable with his allergies!” (Alexis started Dash’s treatment with the Spray Ultrasalve combo, she felt the ultrasalve was most effective on the worst areas (and received a free 2nd jar for her testimonial in August – we did not upload this review until he had fully recovered in October) and she also added the Dermacton shampoo bar to his routine for these results.)

Ultrasalve blackened skin

dog allergies

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Alexis Fusilier

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Boston terrier itching hair loss

Boston Terrier hair loss allergies natural treatment

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Bonita Boston Terrier Age 7 dealing with allergies & hair loss:

Boston hair loss

“My Boston terrier reacted to the new green environment with allergies due to the fact that we moved homes. At first it was some scratching until it got severe and she began losing hair. Later, when we went on a walk she got attacked with tics which made her situation even worse. It came to the point where she was scratching, became bald and cut herself.

The vet recommend we give her some steroid (only temporary) then we regularly gave our Boston terrier antibiotics for itching. This worked! But only for a few weeks. We were spending over $50 every 2 weeks apart from each vet appointment. ( 2 months passed with this situation) 

I did my research and found Dermacton, I was held back by “don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet” although I was desperate for my Boston Terrier, so I have it a shot. THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT- it saves my dog within two weeks. This natural lotion and spray did not bother her instead it made her redness disappear and hair grow back. I 100% recommend this product. Remember if it doesn’t work for your dog (which I highly doubt) you can always get your money back… You won’t regret investing in these products, it saves your dog and your pocket.”

Boston hair loss itching

Bonita recovers from itching & hair loss

Ximena Espinosa
Cloverdale CA

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GSD allergies yeast infection

GSD allergies yeast infection natural treatment results!

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Customer Email 29th July 2018:

Please help me.  My beautiful German Shepherd Boscoe is going through the same as Lola, the GSD, featured on your site.

What can i get him to cure him for his black tough skin and hair loss?  If you reply I can provide pictures.  I’m desperate to help my dog before he turns all black and bald.”

I included pictures of Boscoe under attachments.  I took a leap of faith even before your reply and brought the products.

Boscoe has had allergy issues for a while, but never manifested on his coat/skin.  He smells, is developing black skin and he exacerbates the problem by biting into his skin.

I only feed him Zignature Grain Free dog food, I do add a little bit of cooked liver, chicken or beef to give the kibbles some moisture.  I don’t know if I should D/C the animal protein.

I’ve spent hundreds if not a thousand already to try to fix Boscoe… He even has smelly ears and I bought Zymox otic drops but Idk if I should hold off because they are hydrocortisone based…. But for now I wanna fix the issue of his skin…. He’s starting to get bald spots all over even if you can’t see them in the picture.

I will follow your links, and any other advice would be appreciated… Hopefully these are his before pictures and I can happily send ones of a healthy Boscoe.

GSD allergies yeast infection

So it took me more like two months of consistent lotion application on Boscoe.  I washed him with the soap, I used the salve, the spray and the lotion.  And he is looking great!!!! I included the before pictures I already sent you guys and I included his now pictures.

Shepherd allergies skin problems

I’m glad I persisted.  He’s not itchy and he’s his old self. I’m so happy. It was worth every penny and every second.”

Julio Martinez
from Lancaster, CA

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pittie itchy

2 family dogs get relief from itching scratching with natural Dermacton

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itchy dog help

Sophie was suffering from itchiness, redness from scratching, and bumps on her skin. In some areas, even her fur was falling off in patches. I couldn’t figure out if she was having an allergic reaction to her food, fleas, or from the grass. I ordered the Dermacton spray, cream, and bar of shampoo. After a week of using all three products, her skin started to get better. Now, she is perfectly fine. 

I also used the products on my chihuahua, Scooby. He was suffering from itchy skin and red sore from itching. After a few weeks of using all three products, he was much better. Pictures show the improvement close to 30 days.

chi dog itchy sore

I can’t believe this is an all natural product and I’m so glad that I saved so much money.

itchy black chi

I would appreciate a full refund of the product. We still have some product left to use.  Thank you,”

Nancy C
New Iberia, LA

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Equine tail rubbing

Horse Tail rubbing problem – natural treatment

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Horse Tail rubbing problem solved: “I applied Aromaitch two days in a row, didn’t see her for a day, and then took the second picture. So, first pic on day one, and second pic on day four!”

  Horse tail rubbing

“My friend gave me a sample of Aromaitch.  I applied it twice, on two different days in a row. I have tried everything in the past, with no success. Just look at these pics!  I immediately ordered more!

I applied two days in a row, didn’t see her for a day, and then took the second picture. So, first pic on day one, and second pic on day four!  Her name is Nala. We have been given so many samples of things from people at the barn, along with homemade type things. I don’t have all of the names, but this has worked the best, overall.

Thank you so much.”

Pam & Nala Rice
Allentown, PA

Equine tail rubbing

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natural treatment yeast allergies dogs

Dog yeast infection environmental allergies treatment

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dog yeast infection

“Shiloh is an 8 yr old Shorkie. He has environmental allergies and a terrible yeast infection. He would lick his paws raw, they were swollen, sore and red and would scratch none stop.

chewing yeasty paws

Skin very red and losing his hair. I searched everywhere for safe products. Tried several things, but nothing worked until I found Dermacton. I wash him 2 times a week with the Dermacton Shampoo Bar and put the Dermacton cream and Ultrasalve on everyday. Within one week I could see results and by week 2 his hair was growing back and by week 7, it was almost fully grown back. So thankful I found this product. ”

dogs yeast infection treatment

Deborah C
Reunion FL

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dogs yeast infection natural products

natural treatment yeast allergies dogs

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Dermacton Spray review

Shiloh Dermacton spray review

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Dermacton spray review


We rescued Shiloh when she was about 8 weeks old. She came to us with cat and dog fleas. We noticed that she was creating bald patches from chewing and licking her paws and legs.  I have been using the Dermacton spray twice a day for 16 days. This pet mom is really happy with the results. This is a great product. It really works! 😁
Dermacton spray review

I would love another bottle of the spray. “
Thanks so much!

Crystal Carrol
Madison AL

Dermacton Spray review


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