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dog lsoing hair on back

Dog losing hair on back and tail recovers with natural products

Dog losing hair on back & tail – total recovery with natural products:

dog losing hair on back


“This is Ben, he is 5 years old. The truth is that I was praying to God to help me with Ben’s skin disease because I didn’t have money to pay for the veterinary. I open my cell & there it was your page so I took a second look at it and saw and read everything & decided to order it. I was amazed to see results since the first time because he wasn’t crying anymore, I was desperate not to hear him cry because of his itchy skin. I have order your products twice because I love it.

dog losing hair on back

 Thank you so much for these products, Ben has stopped crying and scratching. He looks very good now before people were afraid to touch him but now he looks like a teddy bear. I am recommending these products to everyone in my family that has dogs with the same problems. Try it and you and your dog won’t regret it. Thank you very much.”

Ana Angel
Pomona CA

dog losing hair on back

Ana used the following products for Ben:

Dermacton cream ultrsalve comboDermacton shampoo bar

These all natural products have been soothing dogs skin since 2004 – many dogs lose hair on their backs & tails with a host of different causes. These products ease the dogs skin from irritations and nourish it back into healthy condition so hair can grow again – drug free with a high success rate. With a 30 day no-quibble guarantee you can’t lose. See countless testimonials here all with customers before and after photographs. If you decide to buy please take before photographs so you can claim a free product or a refund on the single highest value item you purchase.

Dogs itching scabs bleeding hair loss 2 weeks of treatment results

Dog yeast infection treatment “so thankful for the amazing improvement.”

Maltese had been hairless for over a year

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dog bald spots

Dog bald spots flaky skin natural remedy


Dog bald spots & flaky skin clearing up in just 2 weeks of Dermacton cream:

dog bald spots

“Tink is our 6 year old bulldog who suddenly began having bald spots and flaky skin appear on her back. It was getting worse with the hair loss spreading. I began searching for treatment methods and found Dermacton before and after photos on Pinterest so I decided to give it a try.  It definitely worked! Not completely healed yet, after two weeks but getting there!”

Jennifer Grablewski
West Allis WI

dog bald spots

Jennifer purchased 1 jar of Dermacton cream for Tink at $21.50 + Shipping and chose a free Dermacton cream rather than a refund for her testimonial.

Dermacton cream

Skin conditions: dog bald spots, flaky skin, oozing sores, crusty scabs, hair loss, itching generally respond to Dermacton products regardless of cause very quickly and with a 30 day no quibble guarantee you have little to lose other than the cost of shipping trying these natural products. Tink’s results mirror many customer reviews all with before and after photos – click here to see more. If you do decide to purchase please take before photo’s so you can submit a review & claim a free product or a refund on the single highest value item you purchase.

Healing Dog Hot Spots with all natural Dermacton

Black Lab X skin allergies treatment

Maltese had been hairless for over a year


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Yorkie losing hair

Yorkie losing hair and scratching natural treatment



Yorkie losing hair and scratching to massive hair loss from chewing and pulling hair constantly. Finally recovers and regrows a beautiful coat with all natural products. This review is from 2014 but as Tatsu is a frontpage customer – we will be keeping this review towards the top of the page so she is easy find for new customers on our recently redesigned and updated website.

Yorkie losing hair

“Our precious ( Yorkie ) Tatsu is 2 years old, and was the runt of the litter. For the past year, her skin and coat was horrible, and she was chewing and pulling out her hair constantly. The itching was non stop. After multiple Vet visits, skin scrapings, and meds, I began to try to find a better solution. Tatsu had been through enough, and I was determined to help her feel better. I ordered the ultrasalve, Dermacton conditioner cream, Dermacton spray and Dermacton shampoo bar. It began to work on the very first treatment. I used the salve on the worst areas, the cream all over, and she got a bath every other day, for the first two weeks.

Then, I went to bathing her once a week. She stopped itching immediately, and after the first week, she had peach fuzz on her front paws. 3 weeks, and she had hair growing on her back legs, which have been bare for over a year. She has her appetite back, her spunk, playfulness, and personality came back right away. She can sleep now, and even gained 2lbs. I cannot put into words how grateful we are to your products. Just to see her feeling better, hair coming back, and playing and enjoying her days now, mean so much. She is the baby of our pack, (we have 5) and we adore her tremendously. I have told my family and friends about how great the products work. We are eternally grateful. Soon, she will have a full coat again, and I will send more pictures.”

Sincerely grateful,

Leora Danielson & Tatsu
North Las Vegas, NV

Yorkie losing hair


UPDATE Tatsu Yorkie losing hair continues to improve:
“Quick update on Tatsu, 7 weeks of treatment, and even more progress. More hair growth, and doing better each day.
Thank you again for your quick response and the shampoo bars. We are loyal and life long customers. The Danielson Yorkie Pack”

January 2014

I just wanted to send two pictures to show the remarkable progress that Tatsu has made since using your products. She went from being almost complete bald and absolutely miserable in August of 2013, to this, in January of 2014. Her coat is full, shiny and growing beautifully. She is back to being active, happy, energetic and for us, the relief to know that we have our treasured baby girl back to a healthy pup is overwhelming. Thank you, from the very bottom of our hearts.

The Danielsons”

If you have a Yorkie losing hair, itching, scratching chewing you can try these products risk free with the manufacturers money back guarantee. Tatsu’s family ordered and used the following natural products  for this incredible recovery. Each product is effective on its own, though using the shampoo bar as a system with the more concentrated cream or spray is advisable for extreme cases like Tatsu’s :

The ideal doggy skin care combo pack.Dermacton shampooDermacton cream


More customer testimonials all with before and after pics here

Dog yeast infection treatment “so thankful for the amazing improvement.”




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red rash dogs belly

Red rash dogs belly solved naturally

Red Rash dogs belly solved naturally with Dermacton Spray & Ultrasalve:

red rash dogs belly

“Hi there!

We ordered 2 products off of here and they have done an amazing job for our dog. We ordered the Ultrasalve natural balm and Dermacton Spray! Our dog suffers from really bad allergies and we were never able to figure what? We felt just awful for her because she was always licking!Once we started the spray to help the itching and then the balm to heal the sores everything healed up so nicely and we have yet to see the rashes come back!!

Her name is Audi! She would get a rash on her belly and the inner part of her back legs where her hips sit!!!! This is the best picture I can get she doesn’t sit very still lol!

Audi thanks you for the relief and us as dog parents thank you for these wonderful products!!!”


NikkI VandeZande

red rash dogs belly

While Dermacton works incredibly well with severe skin conditions and the majority of testimonials we receive are dramatic with major hair loss and inflammation. Dermacton is also very successful a clearing up red rash dogs belly and groin areas. Nikki chose a refund on the Dermacton Spray in return for her testimonial as one bottle of Dermacton spray and 1 jar of ultrasalve was all she needed to get Audi back to healthy itch free skin.

The ideal doggy skin care combo pack.

These all natural products have helped thousands of dogs recover from mild and severe skin problems, regardless of the cause – click here to see more customer reviews all with before and after photo’s.

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dog mange treatment

Dog mange treatment with natural products

Dog mange treatment with natural products:

dog mange treatment


Demodectic Mange: This type of mange appears when a dog’s immune system is unable to keep mites under control. Mites begin to overpopulate and cause skin issues. Most dogs are immune to typical mites, but mange takes hold when they are unable to fight off mite populations. For puppies under two years old, it may simply be due to a newer, weak immune system that will eventually build up immunity over time.

“My boyfriend and I have never been so grateful for this product. Last year we got our first puppy an energetic French Bulldog we call Bijoux. At first everything appeared on track but approaching her final shot we noticed a few bumps and more hair loss than normal. We took her to the vet and after a skin scraping was confirmed she had demodectic mange.

dog mange treatment

Our poor Frenchie was lethargic and itchy to the point where she would make herself bleed. It was so hard seeing her in this state that we started researching different products to help her. We were immediately interested in the Dermacton range for its natural approach. She had at the point we started using the products had major hair loss, redness and raised bumps on her skin. We noticed improvement in her condition within the first two weeks. Her energy and appetite levels started to improve and as the weeks went by her hair started to grow back.

dog mange treatment

Fast forward to today and she is the picture of health our vet is so pleased with her progress he had never seen a mange case so bad as her. We still use the products on her for her baths to help maintain her health and they have made her coat shiny and soft. Thank you for a wonderful product and helping us keep our Frenchie the picture of health.

dog mange treatment


We are going to be expanding our family with another puppy and your products are the only ones we will consider in this house.”

Toronto, Canada

Items purchased and used for  a natural Dog Mange treatment for Bijoux:

Dermacton cream ultrsalve comboDermacton shampoo bar

These all natural products have helped thousands of dogs recover from severe and mild skin conditions, regardless of the cause. You can browse through numerous customer testimonials all with before and after photo’s. Don’t forget to take before pics – if you decide to purchase!



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dog life long skin allergies

Dogs life long skin allergies Boston Terrier

relief dogs skin allergies

Relief from dogs life long skin allergies – Boston Terrier Diamond:

Best Product Ever!!

 I have a 12 yr old Female Boston Terrier, named Diamond, she has suffered from skin allergies her whole life, I have tried everything from steroid shots, creams, essential oils and shampoo’s, nothing worked, I was skeptical on trying Dermacton, I want to say it is the most wonderful product I have ever tried and actually works, just after one bath with Dermacton Shampoo Bar Diamond stopped scratching and biting, she seriously didn’t know what to do, cause she was always scratching and biting.  I use the Dermacton Shampoo twice a week and the Dermacton Conditioning Cream twice a day.  Diamond is so much more active than she was, her hair is growing back, redness on skin is disappearing just after two weeks of using Dermacton.  Thanks so much for your product, now Diamond will get her last years comfortably and Itch Free.

dogs life long skin allergies


Cindy Burgess

Cindy purchased Dermacton cream and Dermacton shampoo bar – these are the result of only 13 days of application as detailed in Cindy’s own words above.

Dermacton creamDermacton shampoo bar


Boston Terriers are a breed that commonly suffer from skin allergies, Dermacton has proved successful with thousands of dogs below are more Bostons Terrier reviews:

“Dermacton cream has healed our dogs patchy skin”

Boston Terrier skin rash hair loss


Boston Terrier seasonal allergies Dermacton review



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Pomeranian black skin disease

Pomeranian black skin disease treatment

Pomeranian black skin disease:

Pomeranian black skin disease

Pomeranian black skin disease


I have a Pomeranian with black skin disease and a client of mine recommended I buy your product.  I bought the shampoo bar.   I treat and feed my dogs in line with my healthy lifestyle and was happy to know your product had nothing but organic natural ingredients.  Nothing has worked in the past – medicated shampoos, oils and lotions

She doesn’t necessarily have a full coat of fluffy hair but that is OK!   She no longer has huge bald spots all over her body, only a few lingering spots near her bum and chest.

I recommend your product to everyone!  My vet was shocked at Mias (my pom) hair growth.  I am going to send her over your contact information if you don’t mind.   She is part of Anderson Hills Animal Care Hospital.

Thank you again!   I love your product and so does Mia!  “Pomeranian black skin disease

Pomeranian black skin disease


Laura V
Cincinnati, OH

Mia has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, which she is receiving medication for. We recommend working with your dogs veterinary team if your dog is presenting black skin disease as severe a Mia’s. Laura only used the Dermacton shampoo bar with Mia from our line, we would have recommended she tried the Dermacton Spray combined with the Dermacton Shampoo bar when she originally began treating Mia, if we had been consulted before purchase. Feel free to email if you need help choosing products..

Pomeranian Alopecia BSD natural results

Treating a Pomeranian with Black Skin Disease

“I really didn’t believe all the testimonials…” Pomeranian hair loss

See more customer testimonial here:


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Pitbull chewing tail

Pitbull chewing under tail solved with Dermacton

pitbull white spots

Kiko the beautiful Pitbull dealing with chewing under her tail and white spots:Pitbull chewing tail


“I’m so happy with the results of your amazing products , fortunately the skin condition of my beautiful pitbull mix Kika was not so bad.

I live in Los Cabos, México, so it gets very hot and humid, and pitbulls have very delicate skin, so when I adopted Kika, she had some white spots on her skin, and I thought after a few baths, good food, deworming etc. that would go away, but it didn´t, like I said it wasn´t so bad, but still, i want all the best for Kika, so after using the shampoo bar and the cream about 3 times in a period of 10 -15 days, the white spots disappeared!!!

 The ultrasalve i´ve just used on some scratches she got from playing with other dogs at the beach and its great too.

 I am amazed of how fast your product works and how great it smells.

It was very hard for me to get it because i had to ship it to a friend´s in the U.S. and wait until someone comes here, fortunately I have another ride now so I’m ordering more!

 If possible, I would like it if you could, instead of refunding, send and extra product, either another shampoo bar, Jar of the Dermacton cream or the ultrasalve, whatever you choose would be awesome.”pitbull chewing under tail

 Thank you!

Diana Villarreal
Mexico white spots pitbullpitbull chewing under tailpitbull chewing under tail

(We have experienced the chewing under tail issue with pitbulls – we have blurred the photo’s for the squeamish. But its great to see the problem solved)

Dermacton has soothed many pit bulls who seem prone to skin condition – more below:Dermacton creamDermacton shampoo bar

PITBULL Skin Problems: Natural Remedy

Pitbull allergies rash cleared up in 2 weeks

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Shih Tzu dog hair loss

Shih Tzu Dog hair loss recovery

Shih Tzu Dog Hair Loss Recovery & red itchy skin

shih Tzu skin allergies

“Our precious pup has what we think are skin allergies. She was red, itchy and started losing hair. I started using the Dermacton spray and cream 2 times a day. This worked wonders!!! As you can see she now has hair where there was none. I am so very happy with this product and Mystique is one very happy puppy!

 I would love to have another Dermacton Spray.”

Thank you
Lisa L
The Colony TX

Dermacton SprayDermacton cream

These all natural Petnat products have helped thousands of dogs, we have countless customer testimonials including before & after photographs of their dogs recovery just click here to see more..

Shih Tzu dog hair loss

Shih Tzu itching losing hair, thickened skin appears to be a common breed problem. Dermacton has helped many Shih Tzu’s and Shih Tzu crosses overcome skin problems safely and effectively.

Shih Tzu Itching, Scratching & Losing Fur

Shih Tzu suffered daily with extreme itching for 2.5 years

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dogs patchy skin

“Dermacton cream has healed our dogs patchy skin”

dermacton results

“Your product Dermacton cream has done wonders for our 4 year old Boston Terrier! (Milo)  Our dog has severe allergies both environmental and food, and requires a lot of special care and attention.  The Dermacton cream has healed our dogs patchy skin, and no longer suffers from unbearable itch and hair loss.

We would love to try the Dermacton shampoo!

Thank you for developing a great product line!”

Jenn Cameron

   Jenn used Petnat Dermacton cream $21.50 for Milo Dermacton cream

We have hundreds of Customer submitted testimonials with before and after pics of their dogs recovery with Dermacton products- click here to browse.

dogs patchy skindogs patchy skin