Aromaitch – Soothing RELIEF for your IRRITATED HORSE

Insects not only annoy, irritate and stress your horse, but they can bite and carry infectious disease. Some horses are allergic to bug and fly bites therefore exacerbating the condition. Much more than a nuisance, many insect bites are painful and bleed. The bleeding can end up attracting even MORE insects and creating a vicious cycle of annoyance which results in constant tail swishing, scratching, chewing, twitching, itching, rubbing, thrashing and the employment of various muscle contractions in a relatively feeble attempt to fight back against the annoyance and discomfort.

AROMAITCH is formulated with a unique blend of no less than nine selected pure essential oils, plus herbal extracts. The combination of which is specifically formulated to soothe irritated skin and relieve the itching and… it effectively repels flies while it works!

AROMAITCH is safe and gentle enough to use on open sores and, it encourages natural healing and promotes rapid hair regrowth. Some horses are sensitive to citronella oil and we’re proud to say that AROMAITCH does NOT contain a single drop of citronella oil in its formulation.
The benefits of AROMAITCH

  • 100% Natural and safe for your horse.
  • Safe to use on open wounds and sore skin.
  • Soothes irritated skin, and promotes natural healing.
  • Rapid results – stops itching, scratching and rubbing.
  • Repels flies.
  • Contains NO citronella oil.
  • Encourages hair regrowth.
  • Easy to use: Apply once or twice daily to the affected area. see the product instruction sheet


Whether you have one horse or a stable full of horses, every horse lover should have these products on hand – even before they need them. If you have a horse, sooner or later you’re going to be absolutely delighted that you have these products. And, that you were smart enough to buy them as a preventative measure BEFORE there was ever a problem.

The big bang for your buck… and, your bucking bronco…

How many products do you have out in the barn now that are just sitting around collecting dust? How many things have you bought in the last year for your stable that made outrageous claims to cure and heal that didn’t work at all like they had promised? Let’s not even think about how much you’ve already spent on other products that didn’t work. We can’t even talk about the prescription drugs you have been paying for that come with NO guarantee, potential side effects and complications along with a hefty price tag.

These all natural, safe and gentle goods aren’t being represented with snake oil type hype or some blathering propaganda to disguise a quack cure in which the ONLY goal is to part you with your hard earned money. NOT AT ALL.

The bottom line here is simple. THESE PRODUCTS WORK.

We’re excited to be able to get them to you FAST to buyers within the USA!

THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! We hear that time and time again from our loyal customers, and we’re proud to be affiliated with such a wonderful line of safe and all natural products made especially for the animals you love. Your animals deserve the very best. Read the TESTIMONIALS.

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See the Testimonals and the money back Guarantee – these products work wonders!