Aromaitch Natural Cream – Meme

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Aromaitch Natural Cream – Meme

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I ordered Aromaitch Natural Cream for the first time a few weeks ago. She is a 8 yo Hanoverian mare and her Barn’s name is Meme. I have to admit that I was skeptical but I thought I would take pictures just in case it would make a difference. I live in the Okanagan British Columbia, Canada, a very dry part of the country. Every summer my mare starts scratching her tail and loses part of her hair, and develop sores underneath and on the side of her tail like shown in the picture. Every year I try many products and none would work like this one. I decided not to wait until it gets worse like the previous years. I put a thin layer of cream on the sore and within a few days I could already see a difference. After 5 days it was totally healed and here are the pictures. She has also stopped scratching her tail. Bonus.

So now I have decided to use it on the sore that she develops on the side of her hawk from lying down and see what happens. I have seen a blog about people wondering what is in it. And I can understand because Aromaitch really works. I would really like that my testimonial be posted and to receive another of the natural cream free of charge for my review.

Thank you so very much.

Josee Leclerc
British Columbia, Canada

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