American Cocker Spaniel with Skin Allergies

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American Cocker Spaniel with Skin Allergies

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Hello! I am absolutely thrilled with your product, Demacton Anti-Itch Spray for Dogs! My American Cocker Spaniel, Lady, will be three years old in February and she started having some skin allergies/issues around four-five months old. I would take her to the vet, and be prescribed medicine for her and that would work for a while. But the problem always came back and we could not understand why or what was causing her issues. I would then try to change her food, keep her away from any corn, chicken, etc. and all of it would work for a while, but then her skin would start to get red again from her licking and biting herself! I know she was miserable because she didn’t want to play and she just seemed listless. Then I found your product by doing another online search for answers! Hurray! The pictures I am including are after one week of treatment!! I am so very pleased that I ordered another bottle of your spray and sent it to my friend in KY who has the sibling of my dog and is fighting the same issues! And she has reported that Demacton Anti-Itch Spray for Dogs is working for her dog as well!

I love your product, Demacton and it’s a wonderful product, the price is so reasonable and you offer such quick delivery of that product as well!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my Lady’s as well!

Vicki McClure
Abilene, TX

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