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Equinat-USA.com is the exclusive distributor of Dermacton, Petnat and Equinat products shipping from within the USA. We ship from MI on EST same or next day of order.

Equinat horse and Petnat dog products are imported from the UK for buyers in the USA & Canada ONLY. The Green Udders brand products for dogs are made in the USA and are found exclusively in our online shop.

Equinat-USA.com is the ONLY authorized retail distributor for Equinat and PetNat Dermacton products in the USA, and we are authorized to sell them to buyers in the USA and Canada ONLY. We import these products in bulk directly from the manufacturer in the UK so you can get them FAST and get your horses and dogs on the road to healing QUICKLY. Distributing these products to buyers within the USA also avoids the possibility of any potential delays in receiving your package through US customs and/or the possibility of slow international mail service. Order from us and you’ll get your order in days, rather than weeks.

Our newest dog product line is manufactured in the USA by GreenUdders.com and is available for sale in the USA and Canada here on equinat-USA.com. These products offer the same manufacturers guarantee as the other imported products offered on the website. The only difference is that Green Udders products offer full disclosure regarding the natural ingredients used. The UK Dermacton and Equinat products do not list ingredients, as the formulas are the private property of the manufacturer in England.
How did we discover these amazing products?
We first discovered these amazing all natural products by using them on our own animals. After having tried many products and spending big bucks at the veterinarian for products that had loads of potential side effects and some that didn’t seem to work at all, we’ve been advocating them ever since and are very proud to both represent and distribute them.
We didn’t want to sound like an infomercial…
…yet we realized we have all of the makings of one due to our sheer enthusiasm about these products. Except that you will NEVER find these products on TV, or in your local stores. Word of mouth advertising, feature stories in trade publications, and the internet is how people will discover these 100% NATURAL and money back GUARANTEED products for horses and dogs. You CAN’T lose!
 PLEASE NOTE: The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The use of these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

In 2004 Dermacton healed our Dog’s chronic skin rash and then we began importing the products for retail here in the States: “Tasha, our Pit Bull mascot… had a chronic skin condition a few years ago that would creep across her belly and cause her to continually lick this mystery rash. It was obvious she was preoccupied by it and that it bothered her. Of course, her continual irritation eventually irritated the humans around her as well because they could not obtain consistent relief for her via prescribed creams or over the counter medications. It wasn’t until we happened across these natural products that at first, being the natural skeptics we are (OK, so we are HUGE skeptics…) – we honestly thought they sounded “too good to be true,” yet desperate in our search for relief we took a chance and ordered it from England.

Once we received the international package, we applied a small amount – a little goes a long way – to the redness on Tasha’s belly. Much to our surprise, she seemed to get some relief as soon as the product was applied. Tasha did what most all dogs will do after we applied the product – she immediately sniffed the area. Much to our amazement – she left it alone, stretched out, groaned and fell asleep! After twice daily applications, it was going away after 3 days! The redness and irritation was completely gone in less than a week.

We only wish now that we would have taken pictures that we could add to the testimonial page. Whenever there is an indication that she’s paying too much attention to that area, we can pick up the jar and say to her, “do you need some medicine?” and she happily lays on her back to let us know she does. That first jar we bought 2 years ago is only down by a third, and the subsequent applications are now about 6 months apart.”

Sweet Tasha who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2010 after 6 years of being rash and itch free.