4 weeks of Dermacton – Rubies results

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Dermacton for dogs

4 weeks of Dermacton – Rubies results

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Dermacton before & After

I have been using the dermacton shampoo bar and the Dermacton spray lotion for a little over a month now and the results are amazing! At first I bought the soap bar because I was skeptical and just wanted to see how well it would work. After seeing good results I went ahead and made my second purchase. With frequent washes and rubbing the lotion on her daily I’ve noticed her hair is coming in more, but most importantly, her skin is healing! It’s also healed her ears so much!

Dermacton spray and shampoo results

Rubie has had food allergies and real bad ear infections for about 2 years now. The vet always prescribed antibiotics and steroids which only made everything worse. She smelled very bad, had real oily, crusty skin and was always scratching or licking. I’ve seen huge improvements over the past 30 days using these products and you can tell she just feels better.

dog losing hair

I used the shampoo bar to lather up her ears and let it sit the 5 minutes in the bath, then after the bath I used the spray. One squirt in each ear and massaged it in.  Her ears used to be so bad. They were the worst smell and always crusty. She would constantly tilt her head to the side and nothing ever seemed to help. Until now. 

yeast ears dog

We both sincerely thank Dermacton for her huge improvements!

I recommend these products to others I know.
Thank you so much!”

Jessica & Rubie.
Richmond IN

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