All natural PetNat Dermacton for dogs and Equinat products for horses were developed and are manufactured in the UK by Aromesse.

    Equinat-USA is the ONLY official distributor based in the USA selling directly to end users in the USA & Canada. Get the relief you need FAST for your equestrian needs and your canine companions most troublesome skin conditions.

    We also exclusively offer USA made Green Udders brand all natural dog products.

    Equinat-USA is the ONLY official distributor based in the USA selling directly to the US and Canada


    Dermacton works fast

    Dermacton works fast on dogs flea allergy

    Cora sent us these photo’s of her dogs allergic reaction to flea bites & his recovery with all natural Dermacton. 1 month after ordering 1 jar of Dermacton cream. Dermacton works fast!. “Diesel is 5 years old and had never had any skin allergy until this past summer. We had an ongoing flea problem because

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    Raw diets

    We tried raw diets, expensive foods, creams, cortisone shots

    “We have tried raw diets, expensive brands of high quality food, creams and salves enough to fill a trough, sprays, oils, tedious grooming, pills, etc and nothing would work. It was draining and exhausting and left us and I’m sure our sweet pup incredibly stressed.” “I just wanted to say thank you so much for

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    Dermacton review

    10 day Dermacton review

    Heather was so pleased with Dermacton results after trying numerous other products, she sent this Dermacton review after just 10 days of application. “Hi!  This is Ariel, our beloved 10 month old English Mastiff.  She (and all of us!) wants to thank you for making such an awesome product that WORKS! Several months ago, we had

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    dog skin allergies

    Dog age 11 has suffered from allergies almost ½ her life

    “My dog Dee Dee is 11 years old and has suffered from allergies most ½ her life. I felt so sorry for her. We did tests to see what her allergies were and they extended from different weeds in the yard right down to human and cat (which I had til 2 months ago) dander.

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    dog skin issues

    Skin issues transformed in 4 weeks

    “I adopted Abby 07-01-2017. I asked the agency if she had any skin issues and was told no. Abby had itchy bumps all over her back and tons of dandruff. I took her to the vet and she was given a couple medications to solve the skin issues. The medications helped while she was taking

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    4 yrs of dog yeast problems & hair loss cleared up with Dermacton

    Dog yeast problems hair loss: After  almost 4 years of yeast problems & hair loss in just 9 weeks and 13 year old Sasha feels like a new dog with Dermacton. “Hello my new friend! My Sasha is 13 years old and has been suffering with from skin and stomach allergies. She became very yeasty,

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