All natural PetNat Dermacton for dogs and Equinat products for horses were developed and are manufactured in the UK by Aromesse.

    Equinat-USA is the ONLY official distributor based in the USA selling directly to end users in the USA & Canada. Get the relief you need FAST for your equestrian needs and your canine companions most troublesome skin conditions.

    We also exclusively offer USA made Green Udders brand all natural dog products.

    Equinat-USA is the ONLY official distributor based in the USA selling directly to the US and Canada


    Boston terriers chronic skin problems

    Boston Terrier chronic skin problems – response to natural products

    Boston Terriers chronic skin problems respond to natural products: allergies, hair loss, itching, chewing and scratching. All natural Dermacton has helped thousands of dogs heal from chronic skin conditions. Meet Izzy the latest Boston terrier with skin problems to join our customer gallery. “My Boston Terrier Izzy has been dealing with seasonal / flea /environmental

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    dog scratching raw skin

    Dog scratching raw skin gets relief with Dermacton

    Roxanne a super cute Doxie was scratching herself raw to hair loss and scabs until her Mom tried Dermacton spray. “Hello I wanted to say WOW! I have tried all kinds of sprays to help heal her broken out stomach. Roxanne has scratched herself to death to the point of bleeding and raw.  I was at

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    Dermacton best product

    Dermacton is the best product dog skin problems

    “These are 2 of my four legged children Calianna & Prospero . They have constant allergies to anything outside. So recently their flea medicine just wasn’t working so we had to change brands..but before we could do that they had itchy dry flakey skin. I am part of a pit group on Facebook (Atlanta Pitbull

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    Dermacton customer review: just 2 weeks of treatment

    “I tried my best to wait to submit my testimonial but because of the fast and overwhelming results I couldn’t wait a day longer to share! My Fiona has been struggling with severe allergies for the past two years; after countless vet appointments, dollars and medications that just temporally cleared up her skin, her and I

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    dogs redness sores itching

    Dogs redness sores itching gone in 10 days with natural Dermacton

    “My dog Ottis has started recently suffering from seasonal allergies, starting last summer. This year was by far worse than last year. Multiple visits to the vet which ultimately led nowhere but a large amount of money spent. I had him tested for mange twice multiple antibiotics and steroid pills and shots, nothing worked and

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    steroids raw diets

    Zeus’s owner had tried everything for his skin condition, raw diet, steroids ..

    “We got Zeus from a pound a few years ago and he’s had several issues we’ve managed to fixed through our vet. However, this skin condition which they ALWAYS prescribed steroids for (which did clear it up while he was on it, but later returned) had never cleared like this before. They said it was

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