All natural PetNat Dermacton for dogs and Equinat products for horses were developed and are manufactured in the UK by Aromesse.

Equinat-USA is the ONLY official distributor based in the USA selling directly to end users in the USA & Canada. Get the relief you need FAST for your equestrian needs and your canine companions most troublesome skin conditions.

We also exclusively offer USA made Green Udders brand all natural dog products.

Equinat-USA is the ONLY official distributor based in the USA selling directly to the US and Canada


FDA block Dermacton & Ultrasalve from coming into the USA

Key parts of notice from the FDA: “FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) has completed its review of this shipment and determined these products are intended to mitigate, treat, or prevent disease, or intended to affect the structure or function of the body of animal, they are drugs within the meaning of section 201(g)(1)(B) and

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Manufacture back in progress – update on post

Petnat Dermacton products and Ultrasalve are back in production in England as of today – a shipment has been sent to us this week, it has arrived in the USA and  now its is a waiting game to see how quickly USA customs, taxes and the FDA clear shipment for delivery. There may be a

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Out of stock products due to covid shut downs

As blogged on the 20th April the manufacturer / developer of Petnat products  (Dermacton & Ultrasalve ) shut down due to covid shutdowns in England on 30th March. We are now  SOLD OUT of dog products. We still do not know when the manufacturer will be able to produce again. Hopefully sometime in June, but

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Warning – Low stock due to Covid shutdowns

Warning to our regular customers, due to covid shutdowns in England – the developer / manufacturer of Petnat & Equinat products is temporarily closed. We are getting low on inventory and once our shelves are empty it could be a couple of months before we have product again. We know many of your dogs rely

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Temporarily suspending orders to Canada

Unfortunately due to low stock and huge delays in delivery times due to Covid 19 shutdowns, we are temporarily suspending taking Canadian orders. Its seems that USPS sorting centers and customs have been hard hit and must be short staffed. Canadian customers are unhappy with waiting for delivery and this situation is out of our

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Yorkie puppy hair loss

Yorkie hair loss results of 6 days of Dermacton for dogs

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“Benji is a 8 month old Yorkshire Terrier pure breed. We have spent endless months and dollars trying to solve his problem. Itching redness till raw and bleeding including hair loss till bald. We’ve tried numerous vet appointments lotions shampoos homeopathic drops by vet antihistamines and then dangerous  steroids out of desperation. Not to mention

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