Developed and manufactured in the UK by aromesse, these high quality all natural products for horses and dogs have reached worldwide acclaim. Due to increased customer demand, equinat-USA has been established as the only official distributor based in the USA importing Dermacton for dogs & Equinat products for horses and selling directly to end users in the USA and Canada. Get the relief you need FAST for your equestrian needs and your canine companions troublesome skin conditions.


“The Results Are Amazing”

Mia is 3 1/2 years old. She had problems with itchy skin, bumps and horrible red sores all over her body. We tried everything!!! Doctors prescribed Steroids and antibiotics but it just kept coming back. She even started losing her hair and bleeding from her sores. I tried many different creams, bathing her in oatmeal

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Severe Skin Allergies Relieved

Our 7 year old American Bulldog/Pit mix “Moo” has been suffering with severe skin allergies for a couple of years. He has been taking 4 very large capsules of Cephalexin daily and 3 TRIAMCINOLONES a day for over a year now with very little relief. The only thing that seemed to work is a cortisone

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“His coat is smooth and shiny again, and he is not itchy at all!”

I own a 9 year old Boston Terrier, and he is LOVING his Dermacton lotion and Dermacton bath bar! For years, Eddie has been itchy and constantly licking his paws. After multiple vet visits and countless dollars, I have finally found something that works for his dry, itchy skin. Over the years, we have tried

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Ultrasalve® to the Rescue

Meet Hattie the English Lurcher. Poor dog! Hattie was kicked in the cheek by a horse. The first 2 pictures are before Hattie’s owner put on an application of PetNat Ultrasalve®. The pictures above illustrate just how well PetNat Ultrasalve® works. If you have a dog, we highly recommend having a pot of this salve

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Treating a Boston Terrier Suffering from Allergies

Our 9 year-old Boston Terrier, Rip, has suffered from allergies since his whole life. Last year he developed hypothyroidism, which only made his skin problems worse. We have tried Atopica, steroids, antihistamines, prescription dog food, supplements, and other creams and lotions. He will never be 100%, but the Dermacton products (shampoo bar and conditioning spray)

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“At first I was very skeptical of what I was reading…”

My 8 year old Pittie dog is named Nena (“girl” in Spanish) and she has been suffering from allergies for years. I’ve tried everything under the sun and spent a lot of money going to the Vet and nothing seemed to work. I came upon Dermacton on the Internet and read other peoples testimonials. At

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