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Equinat Product Testimonials

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Aromaheel® Testimonials & Aromaitch® Reviews
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first aid for your horse

What does Aromaheel do? Aromaheel is a cost-effective solution, that protects your horse against the harmful effects of the wet and mud, even with prolonged exposure. No more picking at scabs - with Aromaheel, they soften and drop off after a couple of days, allowing the ointment to reach the skin. The Aromaheel then soothes the sore skin, and the extraordinary natural properties of the essential oils, safely and effectively encourage natural regeneration of healthy tissue, and promote rapid hair regrowth. Aromaheel is quick, easy and pleasant to use in one simple step, and involves no bandaging. It is effective for use on your horse's heels, legs and body.

What does Aromaitch do? Aromaitch rapidly stops itching and rubbing and is safe to use on open sore skin. It soothes irritated skin and promotes natural healing.It repels flies and encourages hair regrowth. Aromaitch contains herbal extracts and essential oils in a high quality cream, to relieve fly bites & sores caused by rubbing. It is entirely natural, and doesn’t contain any steroids. Please note this product may not be suitable for horses competing under some regulations, as it contains essential oils including lavender oil. As some horses are sensitive to citronella oil, Aromaitch does not contain this oil. Aromaitch is recommended for applying to all sore areas and bald patches.

PLEASE NOTE: The information and results provided in this section is sent in by Equinat end users. Customer's testimonials received and shown here have each received a free Equinat product of their choice, or a refund on one product ordered. The results, reviews, and testimonials (including photographs) on this page are no guarantee of specific results since end results can vary. If you purchase Equinat and feel it hasn't helped your horse, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the cost of the product(s) once they have been returned to us - minus the shipping cost.

Aromaheel Reviews - Mud Fever/Scratches Results after 1 week of Aromaheel Treatment
October 24th, 2016

My 2-year old gelding, Duke is currently in the process of getting 60 days of training put on him. The trainer sent me pictures of 3/4 of his legs with either mud fever or scratches covering them. I tried everything. "HEY Where's That Blue Stuff", MTG and Betadine Solution. No results. Had him checked out by the vet, $40 anti-bacterial shampoo. Still no results. The scabs were hard and he was extremely sensitive to any contact with them.

I was referred to your product on a Facebook page and saw the 100% Money Back Guarantee so I insisted on giving it a shot and didn't regret it! These photos are from before and after 1 week of treatment. Big improvement even though it's been wet outside! Definitely needing another jar! :) will recommend product to my horse friends without hesitation!

Karissa Labenz
Churubusco, IN

Aromaheel Reviews - Chronic Mud Fever " I've tried everything under the sun..."
July 14th, 2016


My Clydesdale mare Cheyenne has been plagued by mud fever for years. She has profuse feathers which cause her to perspire, trapping moisture and creating prime conditions for the onset of mud fever. I've tried everything under the sun to treat this chronic condition but to no avail. Thankfully, I stumbled across your website when researching treatment options and figured I would give Aromaheel a try.

After only a month, the mud fever is nearly gone and my mare no longer has to deal with this affliction.

Thank you!...Thank you!...Thank you!

Jeannine M.
Perris, CA.

Aromaheel Reviews: " I would highly recommend Aromaheel for Scratches."

May 10th, 2016


Unfortunately, I never took photos of this mare when I took her back over 13 months ago. Apparently she has had scratches and cellulitis for the last 10 years or so.

When she was dropped off at the farm, the owner couldn't remember when she last had a bath. The 25 year old mare was skinny, full of manure and urine. Her hair was falling out, she was lame in a left front with a hole that extended all the way up the front of her left hoof between the white line and the hoof wall. Her hind legs were blown up to the hocks with cellulitis and she had the worse case of scratches that I have ever seen in my 50 years of being a professional in the horse business.

I had been given a remedy for scratches from another trainer a few years back that had 5-6 ingredients in it (cost about $50 for all of the ingredients) but it really worked in a couple of days on a new horse that I had been working on for about 2 months, trying to clear his scratches.

The vet pulled a blood sample and said that her immune system was severely compromised. We gave her a gallon of meds (well over $100) for 4 months to try to rebuild her immune system. After a year of working with the mare, the vet said that her skin may just not be able to fight it off anymore and she might not ever clear up from it.

I had clipped her legs the best that I could and started with this $50 "concoction" on the mare and have redone it innumerable times over the past year, along with any number of other remedies that the vets have suggested and any other suggestion that any other horsemen came up with and NOTHING WORKED. (When I was doing my accounting for the year, it seemed like every other vet bill was for "scratches" plus the myriad of concoctions!)

The last thing I had tried was honey, which the vets suggested. That actually helped a lot but it also irritated her skin, which is what I was trying to clear up....then I heard about Aromaheel.

The scratches started above the ankles and covered both of her ankles, pasterns and coronary bands on her hind legs. The coronary bands were the worst to deal with. When she came in it actually looked like the barnacles that one would see on the underside of a dock in salt water.. They were huge (protruded more than 1/4") and they would not come off.

On more than one occasion, I spent an hour and a half trying to wash her hind legs with warm water and Dawn dish washing liquid (which actually does help some) and softly rub the scabs with the suds to try to get them to soften and fall off. Then I would towel dry, then take a hairdryer and dry her legs from the hocks down. Then I would use the "medicine of the day" and bandage them from the sole of the foot up to the hocks.

I could not turn her out in the 2 big 6 acre grass fields because she had to go through a stream to get to the better grass and I didn't want the leg to get wet. So she took a while to gain her weight back.

When I took the photos, the honey had helped some but the coronary bands would just not stay healed and the rest of the spots just kept recurring. The problem was that no matter what I did, they just kept coming back.

I used a whole jar of the Aromaheel, but I was covering a huge area from above the pasterns down over the coronary bands. In less than a week, I could feel the scabs start rubbing off of her coronary bands. Originally they started at the heel and went all the way around the quarters of the hoof. The photos do not do the situation justice, but the fact is that they were never healed before and kept growing back.

Currently they seem to all have disappeared around the coronary and the skin seems to be actually healing. The nice thing about Aromaheel is that you do not have to bandage, which was very time consuming for over a year and very costly. Plus she was now allowed to go out in the bigger better grass fields so she could gain some weight since I could let her legs get wet with the Aromaheel on. I still have to work on some big hard scabs that look more like scars at this point, but I wanted to concentrate on the coronary bands because they were the hardest to heal. And I do believe that the scars will eventually disappear also.

The mare was very patient during all of this doctoring, but on occasion I could tell that the treatments were not comfortable for her. With Aromaheel, she actually seemed to like my rubbing it on.

I had another horse come in with some tiny spots of random "funk" on his belly and his legs. I took a very small amount of Aromaheel and tried it on him and within about 3 days, it was all clearing up...even the spot that he gets under his stomach every summer from kicking at flies.

I actually had questioned the company about the return policy because I truly did not expect the product to work any better than the 9 gazillion others that I have tried over the 13+ months that I have tried to heal this mare.

I am still working on healing the hole in the hoof wall. It is close to growing out but has taken it's time even with meds for that, but I will say that she seems sound now and runs and plays with the others in the field, even throwing a few big bucks in, at 26 years old now.

I will be telling one of my vets about Aromaheel tomorrow morning. They are both very open minded and willing to try new things to help their clients and they both know all that I have been through trying to clear up this situation.

I would highly recommend Aromaheel for scratches.

Many thanks for a great product!

Earlen Haven
Country Haven
Woodstown, NJ

Horse with scratches AROMAHEEL
Results may vary.

Equinat Ultrasalve Review: "It's a product I will not be without…"

December 2, 2015

I have been very impressed with Equinat Ultrasalve, it has worked wonders on Tangos wound as it was very deep, but within 7 weeks of using Ultrasalve twice a day it had virtually disappeared. It's easy to use and has a great smell as well!!. I've also used it on my other cob who gets mites and has helped when he has been scabby, softening the scabs and when they have come off new healthy skin is underneath in a very short time. One of my livery ponies had a rub from his muzzle and I used it on him and within in a couple of days it had cleared up.

It's a product I will not be without in my horses first aid kit.

Jacqui Nicholls

Results may vary.

"I am very thankful that I found Aromaheel and so is my horse!"
percheron horse with scratches
November 10th, 2015

Hello there!

I was going through paperwork at home and found my packing slip for the aromaheel I purchased and noticed your offer!

My 7 yr old Percheron (named Ben) got scratches for the very first time in his life last April... it was awful. Looked like he got his leg caught up in barbed wire (even though we have none of that on the property). Vet was called and he said it was classic scratches. One rear right leg. Because Ben has shivers and displays neurological tendencies in the hind end it was very difficult to shave completely and treat well. Because of this all of the previous products the vet recommended didn't work. I tried everything I could find. After about 5 weeks the search was back on and I finally found Aromaheel. Thank god! After 2 weeks or so I saw a HUGE difference. Ben was no longer reactive and each day the pain got better because I was able to treat more and more. I am very thankful that I found Aromaheel and so is my horse!

I would love take advantage of your free offer and have more Aromaheel on hand in my barn (just in case!)

Thank you so much,

Tara Bergford
Tacoma, WA

picture of a horse with scratches
treating a horse with scratches
Results may vary.

"I was skeptical, but decided to try Aromaheel after reading reviews"
August 21st, 2015


My 11 yr old TB gelding, Riley had his first encounter with scratches this past spring and I treated it with home remedies. It was much improved and I began to forget about it. Unfortunately come mid summer, it had broken out and was much worse than it looked, as his hair covered most of the scabs (shown in the first picture). I was skeptical, but decided to try aromaheel after reading reviews. The results speak for themselves. I was also only able to apply once a day and if had been able to apply twice a day, I believe it would have cleared up even faster. Thank you for this product and I will be sure to keep it around!

Mei Jeung
Wadsworth, OH

First picture (below) is original before treatment, second picture is day after first treatment revealing all the scabs, and this is 4 weeks later.

Results may vary.

Aromaitch Reviews: Sores on Horses Tail with Scratching and Hair Loss
July 13th, 2015


I ordered Aromaitch Natural Cream for the first time a few weeks ago. She is a 8 yo Hanoverian mare and her Barn's name is Meme. I have to admit that I was skeptical but I thought I would take pictures just in case it would make a difference. I live in the Okanagan British Columbia, Canada, a very dry part of the country. Every summer my mare starts scratching her tail and loses part of her hair, and develop sores underneath and on the side of her tail like shown in the picture. Every year I try many products and none would work like this one. I decided not to wait until it gets worse like the previous years. I put a thin layer of cream on the sore and within a few days I could already see a difference. After 5 days it was totally healed and here are the pictures. She has also stopped scratching her tail. Bonus.

So now I have decided to use it on the sore that she develops on the side of her hawk from lying down and see what happens. I have seen a blog about people wondering what is in it. And I can understand because Aromaitch really works. I would really like that my testimonial be posted and to receive another of the natural cream free of charge for my review.

Thank you so very much.

Josee Leclerc
British Columbia, Canada

aromaitch reviews for horses

Results may vary.

Aromaheel for Horses: Treating a Mare with Scratches
Aromaheel for horses

July 8th, 2015

Hi there,
I just wanted to say how much your product has helped my mare. My mare's name is Nyala and she is 27 years old.

With all the rain (and flooding) that Houston experienced this year, her poor legs have been constantly under siege with moisture, and your Aromaheel has helped us keep the scratches under control; and cleared up her back legs up completely. Her skin was a bloody, muddy, scabby mess before, and the cream has been a life saver.


Bevin Barrett
Houston , TX

treating scratches on a horse naturally
Results may vary.

Thoroughbred Mare Suffering from Mud Fever
Aromaheel for Horse Mud Fever

January 19, 2015

I tried this product on my thoroughbred's hind legs as she suffered from severe mud fever. Lulu is a 4 year old mare. Our paddocks can get muddy sometimes and I did not want to keep my mare indoors as she needs her regular turnout. That stuff is great. It does not only smell good but is easy to apply and leaves a protective layer on the skin/coat. The photos show the clipped legs before and after 3 to 4 weeks of using aromaheel. The mud fever and cracks do not disappear over night but, with constant application of aromaheel and care, will eventually heal after a couple of weeks.

Mohammad Salem
Georgetown, Ontario Canada

Aromaheel reviews
Results may vary.

AROMAHEEL Review: Treating a horse with greasy heel, scratches, mud fever
Aromaheel Customer Testimonial: May 6th, 2014


I was very satisfied with your Aromaheel product and. the instructions that were given on your website for treating my horses skin condition. I worked for over two months to clear up the infection with products and instructions given to me by my vet and others to no avail. It actually was getting worse. Once I started using Aromaheel only and stopped washing the area the infection cleared up quickly. I would recommend your product for any horse owner that is struggling to clear up greasy heel/scratches/mud fever or whatever you prefer to call it. It worked fast and my horse didn't mind having it applied to the raw painful areas of his skin. Thank you!!!

Above is a recent picture of Bo, our 11year old QH.

Jen Mullholand
Fremont, Ohio

Results may vary.

AROMAHEEL Review: Horse with Mud Fever in the Fall Months
Aromaheel Customer Testimonial: February 11th, 2014

Aromaheel is a great ointment; it is very simple and safe to apply. Our mare got mud fever in the fall. Our mare’s name is Allegra, she is a 9-year old Dutch Warmblood. We applied Aromaheel in the morning and in the evening for several weeks. The ointment is definitively working and definitively something you want to have in your medkit.

Best regards,
Eva Ledwig
Quebec City, Canada

Aromaheel Reviews
Aromaheel for Horses
Results may vary.

AROMAHEEL Reviews: Horse with Chronic Mud Fever & Swollen Leg
Aromaheel Customer Testimonial: January 10th, 2014

Here are some pictures and commentary below for your testimonial page.

Prior to Aromaheel, my standardbred horse had chronic mud fever for approximately 8 months. It was so bad that his leg would swell. The scabs were very hard to remove. My vet prescribed Panalog which provided some relief but did not remedy the situation. New scabs kept forming. I tried Desitin and same problem.

Finally I read about Aromaheel on the internet. I was skeptical at first, but, thought that with the climate in England, if anyone would have experience with mud fever it should be a product from this environment. I have been using Aromaheel for about 3 weeks now. It smells healthy and wonderful and it is a good texture to provide a barrier against the fungus. Within 3 days of applying it, the scabs were softening and rubbing off just as promised. It is easy and pleasant to use. I can actually see that the areas that were scabby are now turning pink and healing. I will be ordering more today so that I can continue to use it as a barrier until it is completely cleared up and I will want to have some on hand for any future outbreaks. This is a wonderful product that does exactly what it promises.

Jacqueline J Guagliardi
ON, Canada

PS - It was hard to photograph because he didn't lose his hair when he had the scabs. I will take another look when I get home and will send a picture of Party's face. I absolutely love this product!! The scabs don't show up that well but they were there and very hard to remove before your product. I sent a picture that shows how swollen his leg was before Aromaheel. Thanks very much for such prompt service and a wonderful product!

Results may vary.

AROMAHEEL Reviews: Horse Suffering with a Severe Case of Scratches
Aromaheel Customer Testimonial: November 27, 2012

I purchased a tub of "Aromaheel" for my gelding who had been suffering from a severe case of scratches for almost 2 1/2 months. I applied the product and the majority of the scabs were easily removed after 24 hours! I continued applying Aromaheel to the infected areas for a little over two weeks, and the improvement has been remarkable! I will continue to use the product until the infection is cleared up and I would highly recommend Aromaheel to another horse owner who is battling scratches.

Thank you for a great product!

Mindy Kutzner
Saint Joseph, MI

Results may vary.

AROMAHEEL Reviews: Gelding Suffering with Scratches on Legs
Aromaheel Customer Testimonial: November 09, 2012

Just wanted to drop a line thanking you for your product. Jafar, my gelding developed a small case of scratches about 5 weeks ago. I treated it with several different remedies but to no avail. It spread to 3 of his legs in a very short time, was scabbed, raw, and painful.

I was going to give up and call the vet when one of my barn mates recommended your product. After just 3-4 applications the redness was decreased, the scabbing began to soften and the spread of the irritation lessened significantly. It's been about 2 weeks now of treatment and you can see with the attached photos the dramatic improvement.

Thanks! I will recommend your product to everyone not only for it's incredible curative properties but also, for your kind and speedy service.

Zach Herbert
Brentwood, TN
horse with scratches
Horse with Scratches
Results may vary.

AROMAHEEL Reviews: Arabian Horse Suffering with Scratches
Aromaheel Customer Testimonial: August 04, 2012

Boots, an Arabian nine year old, had been having chronic scratches for about a month. I had tried washing with shampoo and Betadine, I had tried Vaseline, I had tried Desitin, and I was about to give up on a really good treatment. The scratches would get much better, then come back with a vengeance. Aromaheel was recommended to me by Sheila King, the owner of the barn where Boots lives. She assured me that I would have positive results. Wow!! Did it ever work!! I applied Aromaheel for five days and the difference was truly amazing! Now, her hair is beginning to regrow, she is not biting at her hooves, and she has settled back into the horse I knew before scratches came into our lives. Thank you Aromaheel for bringing peace back to our time together!

The after photos were taken after 5 days of treatment. The hair hasn't grown back yet, but the scratches are completely gone. Aromaheel is fabulous!!

You have one more very satisfied customer!!

Thanks so much,

Nancy Allen
Kingston Springs, TN

Results may vary.

"Primo" Horse with Scratches treated with AROMAHEEL Pictures
Aromaheel Customer Testimonial: June 03, 2011

I wanted to let you know how amazing I think your product is - Aromaheel has made SUCH a difference!!! This stuff is a miracle and anyone who has a horse with Scratches needs this product. I was told by a vet that she didn't think it was a good idea and that I should buy their stuff, which I did out of pressure, but never used. The other vet from that practice whom I adore was excited to learn about Aromaheel - and after she left, I slathered his legs with Aromaheel. After 2 days I was shocked at how amazingly effective the product is!!! I am thrilled beyond belief and am telling everyone about Aromaheel. The people at the barn are shocked at how great his legs looked yesterday!!!

The before and after photographs of Primo's legs were taken 2 days apart.

Thanks again,
Diane Zuri and Primo, Pittsburgh PA

Results may vary.
::: click on the pictures above to see an enlarged version that will open in a new window :::
note from equinat-USA.com
Thanks so much Diane for taking the time to document Aromaheel in action! We are so very happy for you and Primo. Your photographs will help others to make the decision to try Aromaheel for themselves on healing their horses scratches. Our customers and testimonials are our best advertising!

Diane sent us clear testimonial photos showing Primo's healing with Aromaheel, she received a FREE JAR of Aromaheel for horses - to see how you can qualify for a free product and become a part of the universal healing process, read this.

"Josie" Horse Photographs BEFORE and AFTER treatment with AROMAHEEL
6 year old 16.2 Bay Warmblood

Before treatment with Aromaheel
after 2 weeks of treatment with Aromaheel

As you can see in the photograph to the right, the hardened scabs have come off leaving pink skin underneath.

7 Weeks after the first application of Aromaheel

Horse owner Morgan Kent said that she was "pleased with Aromaheel and it had worked really well."

Results may vary.

"Cheyanne" Horse Photos BEFORE and AFTER treatment with AROMAHEEL
"Cheyanne" 15 year old 16.2 Holstein x Thoroughbred
photos below:
Cheyanne's very sore legs before treatment with Aromaheel

photos below:
Cheyanne's legs 6 weeks after treatment with Aromaheel
Results may vary.
"Cheyanne's scabs were very bad and very deep. I now have a scab free horse at last!" The Aromaheel did a brilliant job in softening the thick,resistant scabs. I also used your product a number of years ago, when I was able to turn my horses out and it still kept the problem at bay." - Barbara Schofield

"Rosie" Horse Photos BEFORE and AFTER treatment with AROMAHEEL
"Rosie" 15 year old 15.3 Bay Mare
see Aromaheel in action in the amazing photographs below!
before treatment with Aromaheel
after 3 days of treatment with Aromaheel

below: after 10 days of Aromaheel

below: after 4 weeks of Aromaheel

below: after 4-1/2 weeks of treatment

Rosie's owner Becky Turner said "It has never been this bad and it's summer!"
Results may vary.

"Frankie" Horse Photos BEFORE and AFTER treatment with AROMAHEEL
"Frankie" 17 year old Thoroughbred
before treatment with Aromaheel
close up before treatment

Frankie - after 4 weeks of treatment with Aromaheel

Results may vary.
Frankie's owner Pamela Harwood wrote the following about her experiences using Aromaheel

"Frankies problems started in the summer of 2007, when he was lame unrideable and in a lot of discomfort. He didn't want to move much even to graze. His immune system was compromised and he had antibiotics.

In February I started using the Aromaheel daily and even after a week there was some improvement especially on the sore areas where a precious product had stripped skin off!. It also softened the hard scabs. I could add more without having to soak/wash off and cause Frankie distress.

I was desperate and very worried. Aromaheel is by far the best product I have tried and I would recommend it to anyone. Gentle yet effective and convenient. We will never be without a tub.

Thank you so much

John, Pamela and Frankie!

PS This week was the first time Frankie went down the beach in ages. He is a happy horse again thanks to you.

Horse Photos BEFORE and AFTER treatment with AROMAHEEL
Customer Testimonial: We have three horses who had been suffering with scratches for the majority of this Spring/Summer. I am so thankful we found Aromaheel to help us solve our problems. The product is GREAT! We started applying it and within 3 days the scabs were quite easily removed. Aromaheel made it so much easier for us and our horses. It was like a miracle. Once the scabs were removed we could really begin to attack the infection. This product is well worth it! I think the pictures (below) will speak for themselves. Thank you !! ~ M. Brandt, TN

Results may vary.
Thanks for the excellent pictures illustrating Aromaheel in action!
M. Brandt, TN sent us these wonderful testimonial photos, she received a FULL REFUND on one jar of Aromaheel for horses - to see how you can qualify for a free product and become a part of the universal healing process, read this.

Aromaheel Testimonials  
Photo of a horse heel before beginning treatment with AROMAHEEL.
After just 3 days of twice daily application of Aromaheel. The scabs have already softened and dropped off, allowing the ointment to reach the skin. NO BANDAGING!
After just 13 days, hair regrowth has already commenced. With occasional application of Aromaheel, it did not return.
Results may vary.

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Before the application of Aromaheel - a sore patch on a Shire Horse. The horse had continued to be turned out in a very muddy field throughout treatment.
Look at the photograph below - less than 3 Days Later after treatment with Aromaheel... the previously sore patch is barely visible, and hair regrowth has already occurred!
Results may vary.

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Photos of Fleur, a horse with persistent sore legs.

Look at the photographs below and compare them to see Aromaheel's healing properties in action. On the left are the before pictures, and on the right you can see how much better they appear after treatment with Aromaheel.
Results may vary.

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Paky the Palamino < jump right to Paky's photographs >
We thought the best way to tell Paky's story would be 'straight from the horses mouth', so we have copied extracts from the emails we received from Paky's owner Kim, who lives in California, USA.
Sept. 23rd - Kim writes
"My horse has got such a problem if I can't find something to help him I've been having thoughts of putting him down. He is a 16 hand yellow (lighter shade) Palomino the areas that are affected are the whole top of his hinquarters, about a 4" strip up his back to his withers, on both sides of the flank area and down the front part of both back legs (his gaskin muscles) and spots here and there on the sides of his stomach. There are large patches (approx 3" x 4") where the hair has come off right down to the skin which look very irritated with a layer of crust forming over the top. These areas are quite painful to him when you touch them. So he is covered."

:: Paky the Palamino gets Treatment with Aromaheel ::
October 7th - Kim writes
"I have so much to tell you I don't know where to start. At the time I contacted you I had spent 6 weeks using every product that I could find for fungus problems a shampoo for specifically this problem, bedadine scrub, shampoo and spray, including over the counter creams for athlete's foot etc. Nothing was helping or even stopping the spread of the problem it just kept getting worse. A couple days after I contacted you I had the vet out he said "He had a pretty bad case of it and that it was damaging the second layer of skin which meant the possibility of no hair growth returning to certain areas."

The key thing he also said was that it was highly important to get all the scabs peeled off. This horse is extremely well behaved and very tolerant but there is only so much peeling off of scabs any horse can take. It was extremely painful for him. It was like pulling all the hair off including the roots and peeling the top layer of skin off along with it. This was after soaking it with baby oil and/or soaking it with water and bedadine shampoo. I understand how important it is to remove the scabs but I couldn't put my old faithful friend through long periods of scab peeling sessions so I would spend short periods of time several times a day. I will also tell you it was very frustrating to have a area that was peeled off only to see the yellow sticky crust start to form again over the bald spot regardless of what I put on it. So you see I didn't feel that he was getting even slightly better since peeling off the scabs (and skin) was not making it go away in that area you could just see it better and it was now spreading underneath his stomach. My only choice I felt was going to be to end his suffering.

Your product arrived and I rubbed in a small amount over a few areas that had been peeled off (they had a thin layer of crust on them) and I rubbed it on a few of the thick scabs that were covered by hair. The next day I couldn't believe the results! Right now I am sitting here crying but they are truly tears of joy and happiness in just one day I can see such a huge difference on the areas that I used your product on. On the bare areas no new crust had formed and on the thick scab it not only softened it but it took away the stickiness I was able to get it off without peeling his skin along with it. This is very emotional for me because your product has saved my horses life and I have owned this horse for 23 years with plenty of offers to buy him in the 23 years but because he is a horse with such a big heart I would not sell him for even a million dollars. I really thought that I was going to have to put him down to end his suffering. I can't express in words how I feel about the people who developed your product and you for sending the jar to me for me to try. I know I have alot of work cut out for me before he is in the clear but I also know the only way that he will be helped is by using your product.


October 9th - Kim writes
"2 days ago I gave Paky a complete bath and after he was dry I shaved off the hair around all the areas that were affected so that I could see all the areas that I was dealing with. Before your product I wanted to shave off the hair but because of the thickness of the scabs and the hair being attached there was no way that I could of gotten the clippers to get through the mess. Then after using your product it broke down the sticky scabs enough that I was able to wash most of them away with no skin attached!

The vet was also out today to check on Paky and couldn't believe his big improvement. I gave him the information on your product and said he would pass the word on and recommend it to his other clients for future cases."

November 10th - Kim writes
"He is all better and you can barely tell that he had anything wrong with him his hair has grown back and everything just in time for winter! Your product is truly a miracle."

Paky the Palamino - Photographic Proof Aromaheel WORKS!
Before the application of Aromaheel.
A few days after beginning treatment with Aromaheel. Please note, the owner chose to clip the horse.
After a few weeks, you can see the hair regrowth.
Other side - and after clipping.
After a few days of application of Aromaheel.
After a couple of weeks, again you can see the hair regrowth.
Results may vary.

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Aromaheel Customer Comments
Your product, Aromaheel, has performed a miracle !!! I have a heavy-weight coloured Irish Cob who has suffered from cracks behind the knee & in front of the hock for the last seven years. I have consulted every vet and horsey person in the area and have a shelf of medicaments to prove it - but all to no avail... a friend thought that Mulligan might be just the subject to try your Aromaheel on. She was right !! Mrs E.R. - Worcester, UK

I used antibiotics for 10 days and a topical ointment from approximately Jan. 30 - March 1 with some progress in the healing of the mud fever. The ointment prescribed or recomended from a vet was "Biocide". I had been told by a vet I could stop using the Biocide and wrapping the legs, but when I did, the mud fever returned very aggressively.

The Aromaheel was the only thing I have used that literally made the scabs come off easily in about 3 days, and the mud fever has not returned to this area. My horse is very tolererant and you can do just about anything with him, but before the aromaheel, he had had about enough of scab picking, which is why the aromaheel is so nice, the scabs come off pretty easily when you cover them thickly with aromaheel for a few days. Thanks, Dianne, Canada

"I have an Arab gelding, last winter I paid nearly £250 ( $400 ) in vets fees as he had to be tranquilized all legs shaved and the vet and I pulled off scabs which were infected. My beloved horse suffered so much because he had to be stabled as the ground was so bad which made the infection worse. THEN I DISCOVERED AROMAHEEL. WOW is all I can say it cleared up or seem to overnight its wonderful. I am now sending for another pot for this winter. Many Many thanks for your wonderful remedy. Yours always grateful Jennie. Also Kasim thanks you as no more scab pulling. J Good - Sussex, UK

"I have to say that this product is excellent. Following my vet instructions, I tried all kind of ointment, dressing, shampoo and the mud fever came back as soon as my horse was in the pasture. This is the only product I was able to apply without a dressing (my horse keeps taking off her dressing anyway). I will recommend this product to other horse owners since mud fever is pretty common with our climate." Mrs M.R.- Quebec, Canada

"This product is unbelievable it works great. My horse Dee has been suffering with Scratches for quite a while and I applied aromaheel and within 6 days of usage it was gone. Finally a product that works. I can't wait to try your other products." M Wareham - Wisconsin, USA

"My Arabian mare had a VERY BAD case of Scratches. I scrubbed and wrapped and scrubbed and wrapped for three weeks. She was stalled every night until the next morning when the dew dried up and was then let out onto pasture. We (my horse and I) were not very happy! Then I got your product. I tried it. After just two days I could see improvement. She is now 95% better. I still put some on once in a while just to protect her. But, she is back out in the pasture with the rest of the horses. And, I can ride again! We both are VERY HAPPY!! I had to write you and tell you thank you so much." Mrs W.R.- Wisconsin, USA

I had the vet out & he informed me that my horse had scratches. He shaved her ankles, scrubbed her & applied panalog. He left me a bill for $149.00 & told me that it was a 'bugger' to clear up. After a number of weeks using his method. I searched the internet & found aromess. I ordered & had my product in a week. I have been treating my Arab with it ever since but with a huge difference. Immediately the scabs started coming off. I wash her daily & still apply aromaheel. I don't wrap her legs & don't keep her in if it's muddy out. I'm still upset with my vet & his treatment. Next time he comes out..I'm going to give him info about Aromaheel. Besides that.... he charged my $85.00 for the panalog. Thanks for selling a product that does what it says it can!!!!!!!! K Barrett - Michigan, USA

"Fantastic product. Took in a rescue horse with mud fever and rain scald, within 4 weeks totally cured. Have recommended your product to everyone I know!!" Mrs S.I.R.- Wiltshire, UK

"My mare has suffered from mud fever for years and I have never had a good way to control it. When I read about your product I thought it sounded too good to be true. Never the less I ordered it hoping that it might work more easily than remedies I had used in the past. I am quite surprised to report that it worked as described. I put it on directly over the scabs. The next day the scabs were dissolved. On the second day the skin seemed to be pink and healing. The aroma also seems to keep flies away from her legs. Thank you very much."
Ms D.B.- Iowa, USA

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Aromaitch Testimonials

"I have a mare that is very allergic to all insect bites and your product is the only one that prevents them from biting and relieves the itch if they do. I started using Aromaitch a year ago in June because my mare had rubbed her tail so badly that she had huge sores. I didn't know what caused this. It had happened the previous year but it was never this bad. I tried everything and was at my wit's end. My vet suggested I try the internet and do some research. I tried many of the suggested remedies but without success. Then I came across Aromaitch. Within a week the sores had cleared up and within a month the hair had grown back. Applying the cream twice a day thereafter alleviated the problem entirely. Thank you for such a great product." Mrs C. Varjas, Ontario Canada

"Best we ever had, easy to apply, keeps flies away, all sore parts heal fast - it's a hammer !!"
Ms C. Molitor - Schweitenkirchen, Germany

"This is a product I will continue to use it has the best results of any creams etc I have used. My horse has suffered for 4 seasons with this dreaded problem, a product that relieves this has been greatly needed" Ms D.M. - Tynemouth, UK

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Aromaitch in Action

AROMAITCH used on a quarter horse named EASY suffering from Constant Itching
August 16th, 2012

To Equinat-USA.com: My horses have suffered under the scorching heat of St. Louis, especially this summer of 2012. My quarter horse, Easy, suffers the most. He hates the heat and the bugs, and itches constantly. In the summer he becomes a spotted chestnut color instead of the gorgeous rust color he is normally. I have tried everything through the years...then Mindy introduced me to Aromaitch. Easy has not gotten his hair back, especially around his face, but it is improving. The most important thing to me is the fact that the cream is so soothing, he stands in ecstacy while I apply it to his body. It evidently feels marvelous to him. I look forward to the time when I am able to send you an updated picture of my beautiful Easy.

My Tennessee Walker, Blue, has only suffered a little. The Vitamin C I have given to Easy and Blue has worked great with Blue. However, the black face of his had several spots where an irritation grew. Nothing seemed to take care of it. Applying Aromaitch to the face has brought back the beauty to my Blue.

Now, Apache, my Appaloosa, is definitely my low maintenance horse. Until the scorching heat of this summer when many days reached over 105 in mean temperature, he never had a problem. Shortly before Mindy gave me some cream for Easy, Apache developed some brown spots on both sides of his neck which began to scab over...not every spot, but many irritating ones. I began applying the Aromaitch to the sides of his neck, and very shortly thereafter, his neck was smooth and clear once more. It didn't take long, perhaps 5-10 days, for the irritation to clear. Needless to say, I ordered my own three jars. I am very grateful to my friend for introducing me to the product and to the manufacturer (and lover of horses) for making it. I could not be more pleased. I have fun, beautiful "boys" and I like keeping them that way.


Mary Eva Horton
Town and Country, MO

Results may vary.

AROMAITCH used on a horse named MILLY suffering from Sweet Itch

Results may vary.

Aromaitch Customer Testimonial With Photos
July 5th, 2012


Attached are pictures of before and after as promised of my TB mare Timeless taken two weeks apart.

I can't tell you how pleased I am to have found your product. I moved my horse to a new place six years ago and within a month she had these horrible welts and would rub non-stop.

After spending hundred of dollars trying everything under the sun from home remedies to ordering entire pages of catalogs, nothing worked till this. I also changed bedding, hays, feeds, nothing worked!!

Natural smell, soothing she loves having me rub this on. Whatever has caused this "Dermatitis" as the vets diagnosed this to be, this works. The vet game me anti-fungal shampoos and derma-cloth. Did absolutely nothing for her.

Even had her allergy tested. She wasn't allergic to insects they tested, except for horse flies, so I was told this couldn't be sweet itch. Well it has to be. Aromaitch keeps her skin soft, fragrant so the flies stay away and soaks in to make her skin smooth and her coat shiny and above all, heals her. She used to rub herself raw; no more after applying this.

When I received my first jar, I shared it with another stablemate. Her horse has the same breakouts as mine and she has tried every remedy also. She is thrilled with the results and is ordering several jars as I am. I won't be without this on hand.

Of course, still have to use fly spray. So I am adding this to my Skin-so-soft, tea tree oil mixture. Love this!!
Highly recommended.

Mindy Stegall - Creve Coeur, MO

Results may vary.
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