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Treating Flea Allergies in Dogs

Flea Allergies are the most common canine allergic skin disorder, and the flea allergy will ultimately be resolved by the preventing the dog from being bitten by the flea and by eradicating the fleas and their eggs from contact with the dog in its home environment. Until the fleas are controlled, you can lessen the dogs discomfort; the itching and scratching, which will help heal any hair loss and skin abrasions with Dermacton.

Flea allergy in Dogs is a reactive skin disorder commonly referred to as Flea allergy dermatitis and Flea bite hypersensitivity. Dogs that have this condition are sensitive to the saliva of the flea when bitten on the skin. A dog with a flea allergy will immediately itch and develop redness of the skin and swelling. The resulting reaction from the dog compounds and worsens the situation through excessive scratching and extreme discomfort. A distressed dog with a skin reaction to the flea can develop painful red hot spot sores such as those seen below in the Gipsy's the Toy Poodle before and after treatment with Dermacton for her flea allergy.

Pictures of Dog Flea Allergy: BEFORE Dermacton
In the photo above you can clearly see the painful, red and sore reaction that this shaved Toy Poodle has to flea bites. In the picture below you can see the dramatic improvement in the dog's skin condition after 1 week of treatment with Dermacton cream.
Pictures of Dog Flea Allergy: AFTER Dermacton

Gipsy's Owner Writes About her Dog's Flea Allergy

I bought 1 jar of your cream DERMACTON® for dogs.

and this is my testimony:

My dog Gipsy is a female toy poodle that is 6 yrs old. She is a dog that is always in inside the house and she also sleeps with us. One day i found that she was way too much itchy and has scars and sores on her body with a heavy smell odor.

I went to the vet and they only prescribed me something for fleas and tells me that she is allergic. They shot her with something for the itch and sent her home. I ask for something to heal the sores and they told me that the flea medicine would help her to heal. I spent $ 155.00

After almost one month passed, she now has more sores. I call the vet and she refers me to skin specialist, when I call him the consultation was $ 120.00 plus the treatment more than $ 400.00.

I start to search on line and I found your web site with this lot of testimony and i decide to buy the cream. And it was like a miracle.

The pictures speak for themselves and the first 2 pictures was how she was, and the last 2 were taken only 1 week after starting to use the DERMACTON® cream. In only 3 days we could see the results.

thanks for this... B Lopez in Orlando, Florida

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