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equinat and petnat is now available in the USA & Canada
all natural products backed with a 100% manufacturer guarantee

Developed and manufactured in the UK by aromesse, these high quality all natural products for horses and dogs have reached worldwide acclaim. Due to increased customer demand, equinat-USA has been established as the only official distributor based in the USA importing these products and selling only to end users in the USA and Canada. Get the relief you need FAST for your equestrian needs and your canine companions troublesome skin conditions. See the testimonials!*

Equinat products for horses
PetNat products for dogs
These all natural formulas were developed specifically for use on horses and dogs to treat skin conditions and promote healing.* See the 100% guarantee this stuff really works wonders!
::: these products ARE NOT available in stores :::
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equinat-USA.com is the ONLY authorized retail distributor for equinat and PetNat products in the USA and Canada

these healing products are imported directly from the manufacturer Aromesse in the United Kingdom for USA and Canada retail distribution ONLY

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